Six Gift Ideas for “Gun Guy” Fathers on Father’s Day

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It’s already June, and that means Father’s Day is coming up right around the corner. In fact, at the time of this publication, you now have five days until the day itself. You may have forgotten. You may be caught up in all of the happenings around the world. Regardless, this is the one day of the year where we toss a salute to our dads. The men who taught us how to be the men we are now.

This article has six gift ideas for your dad if he’s a gun guy. Even if he’s not a gun guy, there’s still a chance some of these gifts may apply. Giddyup ladies and gentlemen, you’re running out of time!

A Message to all the Fathers on Full30.

Jarrad and Paul

The CEO of Full30 with his Father, Paul Markel, having a day out at the range.

Before we get into the gift ideas, we need to pause for a minute. Every member of the Full30 team would like to extend a special thank you to the fathers out there using the Full30 platform every single day. It’s no secret that in the current world, being a father or even a man in general is under-appreciated. We live in a politically-correct world that frowns on men who are masculine and it would be silly to pretend this is a secret. The preservation of masculinity is, unfortunately, a topic that needs to be discussed. Too many children grow up without fathers due to circumstances beyond the father’s control. Children also grow up without fathers due to circumstances well within the father’s control. Either way, children who grow up without a father are worse off for the experience.

For those dads out there who have been through it thick and thin for their children, we want to say thank you. You might not always know what grade your kid is getting in math. You might not even know the name of your kid’s dentist or doctor. But, I guarantee you know the name of the monster that lives under your kid’s bed. I guarantee you know exactly what makes your kid feel defeated. Father’s have an undisputable and essential role in the development of our world’s children. No amount of Twitter ranting can ever change that.

Thank you for being dads. Thank you for being active in the life of your children. Happy Father’s Day. Crack a cold-one, because you deserve it.

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day when Your Dad is a “Gun Guy”

If you’re a member of the Full30 community, there’s a good chance your dad got you into guns at a young age. For the most part, you probably don’t need any help picking out the perfect gift for your father. You know the man very intimately, and have spent a good chunk of your life learning lessons from him. But, in the off-chance that you need a quick idea for your old-man, or you need to get a gift for your Father-in-Law who is a gun guy, here’s a few ideas you’re free to steal from us.

Personally, I’m getting my dad some extra range equipment this year. My hope is that he’ll actually start using modern hearing protection, that way my mom can hear “huh?” and “what?” just a few less times mid-conversation with the stubborn old man.

1. A Solid Pocket-Knife.

Father's Day Pocket Knife

A solid pocket knife will be a keepsake that your dad treasures for years.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a solid pocket-knife for father’s day. Dads need to carry a knife at all times. It’s written in the “Dad Code” right after “When handing off a shopping cart to a fellow dad, you must inform him that you left a little gas in it for him.” A truly solid pocket knife will last your pops many years, and there’s a ton of super great options out there that you could go with.

The style, brand, and type of pocket-knife that you choose for your dad is something that we’ll leave up to you. But we’ve got a few decent recommendations for you.

On the top of my list is the knife that I have been carrying every day for the better part of a year now. That knife is the Revo Knives Ness CF. This has quickly become one of the sturdiest additions to my EDC over the past year, and I think it would be perfect for any dad who needs a knife for daily operations. The second knife on that list is the CRKT Desert Kasper Folder. This knife is a bit on the larger side, but it’s definitely a solid option that your dad will love, especially if your dad needs a knife with fixed-blade functionality.

That’s just scratching the surface on the pocket-knife category though. There’s a billion options out on the market right now, and all of them vary wildly in function, durability, and price. Do some quality research, and pick your dad up something that will last him a long time.

2. A New Hunting Rifle.

Father's Day Hunting Rifle

Some of your dad’s greatest memories probably happened while hunting with you. Consider a new rifle as a solid go-to gift.

How many of us have some of our best memories out in the woods with our dad? Hunting is a rite of passage most of us go through as children. These are memories our fathers absolutely cherish with us, and they’re memories that I promise your dad still reminisces on every year. If you really want to surprise your father this year, and you know he’s an avid hunter still, a new hunting rifle is a fantastic option that will spur a lot of great memories. Even better if youWinchester Rifles. One Savage Arms Rifle, and one Browning Rifle. All four of these rifles would make an outstanding gift for any dad who is an avid hunter. The links are right up above, go check them out.

3. Range Bags and Range Gear for Father’s Day.

Range Gear

Range gear facilitates better training. Get your old-man that piece of kit he’s been missing since 2003.

Range bags and range gear are the category I personally am shopping in this year. As a result, I couldn’t help but add them into this article to talk about them. In the past year, I’ve purchased and tested a ton of great equipment that makes my trips to the range easier. I’ve also gotten a ton of really great stuff through subscriptions to Battlbox and Gear Pack. It’s thanks to those subscriptions that I’ve found a ton of great companies I other-wise wouldn’t have even known existed.

This is one area that my dad is personally lacking in. He loves going to the range. He loves shooting. But, when it comes down to it, he’s bringing rifles in old-leather cases and stuffing old-yellow foamies into his ears. To me, this is an affront to my ways as someone who owns far too much gear. I plan to rectify that issue this year by getting my dad a Rifle Burrito from Hackett Equipment, and a pair of electronic ear muffs that will hopefully save what little is left of his eardrums.

There’s a ton of stuff we could put in this category, but we wanted to get it back on your radar. You know what your dad needs, and anything that will help him train is surely something that he will enjoy and cherish.

4. Monthly Subscription Boxes that Keep on Giving.

Sub Boxes

A subscription box is a great way to get your pops a ton of great equipment at a really solid price.

Here’s one of those small things that you can do for your old-man. If your dad is into guns, prepping, hunting, or in general the outdoors life-style, you can get him a monthly subscription box. These boxes generally range in value from around $20 to $150 depending on the company you go with, but the value inside of the box is usually quite a bit higher. Also, with an overwhelming majority of these companies, you are never trapped into any sort of contract, so you’re free to cancel the subscription at anytime without having to worry about it.

For us, the go-to boxes are Gear Pack and Battlbox. That said, there’s a ton of great companies out there producing subscription boxes within the confines of the firearms world, and you can really pick and choose a subscription box tailored specifically towards your dad’s specific interests.

5. Stack Your Father’s Book Shelf with Knowledge.

book shelf 2

Knowledge = Power

Knowledge truly is power. If your dad is getting up there in years, here’s a really great way that you can show your appreciation for him. Books. Believe it or not, most dads love to read, and there’s about eleven bajillion books in existence. Granted, some of those books are titled 50 Shades of Gray or Eternal Soul of the Midnight Lover, which might not be greatest choices for your dad. I’m not judging though. Maybe he’s into that kind of thing.

Enter Online Great Books.

Online Great Books is a service that thrives on helping their users read the great texts of past generations in the order that those texts were published. Why would this be great for any dad? Well, like I said, knowledge is power. If your dad has a den, Online Great Books is a truly amazing way to help him stock that den with powerful works of written word that helped shape the world we live in today.

6. Concealed Carry Insurance for Father’s Day.

Sights Picture 1

Concealed Carry Insurance won’t improve your shot group, but it will protect you in other ways.

Last, but certainly not least on this list is concealed carry insurance. If your dad carries, and he doesn’t already have concealed carry insurance, then here’s a great way for you to step in and protect your dad while he protects himself and those around him. Concealed carry insurance is no joke, and there’s a million reasons why anyone who carries on a daily basis should have it.

Pick your dad up a membership at USCCA, and don’t look back. Knowing that your dad is legally protected should the worst happen is probably the best peace of mind you can have.

Father’s Day is More Than Just Presents. It’s Being Present That Counts the Most.

At the end of the day, Father’s Day is about more than just gifts and presents. Father’s Day is an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your dad. Or, in the event you yourself are a dad, it’s an opportunity for you to spend some time with your kids. The act of being together is the most important part of Father’s Day.

Gifts are great, but quality time with someone isn’t something that can be purchased. We hope everyone gets to spend a little bit of time with their dad, or with their kids this Father’s Day. That is truly the best gift you can give someone, your time.

Let us know down in the comments section what your favorite memory is with your father. If you’re a dad, tell us what your favorite memory of your kid is. We love reading comments from the community, and your comments might get to someone with a similar memory that didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with their family this year. Our hope is that everyone has a great weekend, and that they get to spend some quality time with family.

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