Hackett Equipment Rifle Burrito Carrying Case [Review]

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A majority of the well priced firearms on the market today come with their own carrying case. These stock carry-case options can range in quality from pretty decent, to all the way bad. So often, it’s a good idea to upgrade. Depending on what you’re looking for in your rifle carry case, a multi-purpose rifle bag like the Rifle Burrito from Hackett Equipment may be the solution you’re seeking.

To give it a fair shake, we went and picked up Hackett’s 42″ Burrito. For the purpose of this review, it’s important for you to know that we used the medium sized bag with several rifles. Most of the media inside of this review comes from a trip to the range with my Daniel Defense M4A1, but I also carried my Remington 700 inside of this same bag. Use the table of contents below to navigate the article.

Why a Multi-Purpose Carrying Case for your Rifle?

Rifle Burrito Range

Who needs a multi-purpose carrying case, and why? This is a fair question to ask, especially with so many options available. We all know that companies like Pelican make outstanding long-gun cases. There’s also a number of companies that make other types of soft and hard rifle carry cases. These are often purpose built to double as range bags, but sometimes you want a little bit more. Like, maybe you want a shooting mat, or you want to be able to unfold your bag to use as a signal device in emergencies for hunting trips.

For me, this was one of my primary reasons for wanting the Rifle Burrito in the first place. There are multiple points in the year where I may be out of the range of conventional first-responders. Having a rifle bag that could hold multiple different firearms, act as a comfortable shooting mat, and pull triple duty as a signal panel is a rare find indeed. So, if minimalism, and having gear with multiple jobs is what you like, a multi-purpose rifle carrying case might be for you. If not, then a more expensive and traditional long gun case might suit you better.

Meet Hackett Equipment’s Rifle Burrito.

The first thing you notice about the Rifle Burrito from Hackett Equipment is the hilarious patch it comes with. Standing loud and proud on a hook and loop platform is a hard core looking burrito, with a rifle, ready to kick-ass and take names. And honestly, that’s just a good fit for this thing.

Rifle Burrito Patch

When fully opened up, you have a bright red shooting mat that makes for a great barrier between you as a shooter, and the ground. Put your rifle on that, and there’s two hook and loop straps that secure your rifle in place along with two small envelopes that snugly hold your barrel and butt-stock in place. In order to close the bag, you first fold one piece of the tri-fold bag over and secure it using the hook and loop that wraps around the edges. The third flap folds over once more, and voila, you have your rifle nice and snug inside of its burrito.

Here’s some features and specifications you need to know about before we get into the meat (no pun intended) of this burrito bag.

Features and Specifications.

The Rifle Burrito on the Range.

Let me make this short and sweet. Out on the range the Rifle Burrito from Hackett Equipment is exactly what I wanted. It makes transporting whichever long gun I have inside of it from my truck to the firing line an absolute breeze. Next to the range bag I’ve built using Hackett’s Big Bertha pack, there’s not much else I need to do in order to start training. The pack goes on my back, I carry the rifle in one of my free-hands, and in however long it takes me to get to the firing line I’m training.

There are three different lengths available for the Burrito. I went with the middle-length option because that is what will fit my Remington 700 the best. Inside of the case however are two very durable hook and loop straps. Because of these straps, I’m easily able to fit my shorter Daniel Defense M4A1 into the bag with absolutely no fear of it coming undone. I place the stock in one of the two flaps, and then strap the straps on, securing the rifle in place.

Also, all around the edges of the bag are another two sets of extremely well made hook and loop enclosures. When folded shut, the Rifle Burrito lives up to it’s name and fully encloses your long gun in a very well padded tri-folding case.

DDM4a1 Hackett Equipment

Multi-Use Platform and Durability.

I’m popping this down into a second category all on its own, because I think it’s worth mentioning. First and foremost, Hackett Equipment, at the time of this writing, lists the Rifle Burrito as have three primary uses. A durable rifle case, a shooting mat, and as a place to store or display patches when not in use. That said, I’ve found a fourth use for the Rifle Burrito. The interior color of the case, which Hackett calls Hot Salsa, is incredibly bright. While it’s not as bright as say hunter orange, or a reflective surface in the sun, it’s still bright enough that it’s very easy to spot from a distance, and from behind foliage. This thing could easily be used as a substitute signalling device in an emergency.

Also, I want to spend a second to give Hackett props on the durability of this product. It actually wasn’t until I was reading a bit more about the product description for this review that I confirmed that the inside of the bag was fireproof. I found this out on the range actually, because I had been firing some CQB drills. After burning through about six magazines worth of 5.56 in roughly 8-10 minutes, my barrel was pretty hot. Without thinking, I set the rifle down inside of the bag and immediately cringed thinking I had just destroyed the Rifle Burrito. Lo and behold, the bag was completely fine.

One last thing that’s note worthy real quick. Hackett guarantees all of their products with a lifetime warranty and that’s something they need commendation for. Very few companies will stand behind their products for life, and Hackett does. You can read more about their policy on that here.

Hackett Equipment Bags

Final Thoughts on the Hackett Equipment Rifle Burrito.

If had to rate the Rifle Burrito on a scale of 1-10, it’d be one of the few products I actually gave a complete 10. Not only because it’s well-built, comes with a rock solid warranty from a company I trust, and actually does everything it says, but because it also fulfills jobs that Hackett doesn’t even advertise it as being able to do. You really can’t ask for more if you’re looking for a multi-purpose rifle bag. Also, did I mention that you can get this thing for only $100 total? That’s kind of a steal.

That is just the opinion of one reviewer though. As always and with everything, together as a community we are much stronger. When we put all of our brains together we have a collective experience that is completely unmatched. Let us know down in the comments what your go-to rifle bag is. Do you have any experience with the Rifle Burrito from Hackett Equipment? If you do, we want to hear from you.