BattlBox Mission 64 – Southern Survival [Review]

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It’s that time of the month. The latest and greatest Battlbox has finally arrived at my doorstep. It’s time to get my Mission 64 review on.

Every month, I receive a goody package from the guys over at BattlBox. And, every month they impress me with their ability to choose quality products and deliver them at cost.

Mission 64 is a little bit special though. This month, an extra pamphlet was included on top of the pamphlet that normally breaks down the contents of the box. This card, which we’ll elaborate down on towards the bottom of this post, seems to hint towards something truly awesome coming out of the BattlBox content team in the near future. But, more on that later. Let’s dig into the meat of Mission 64.

Our Pick for Best Mission 64 Item.

Alright, so this is the purely subjective section of the review. It’s the part where I get to tell you what item I’m most excited about. Normally, you would think this would be the $130+ knife that BattlBox includes, or one of the Pro-Box items. This month though, that’s pretty far from the truth. My favorite item actually comes out of the Basic Edition of the Battlbox.

For me, the real win is $9.99 Hero + Healer 36″ Flat Pack Splint. I know, seems kind of silly. For me though, this is going to turn into an irreplaceable training aid. I have several SAM style Aluminum splints stashed away already, and they’re amazing. The issue is, they’re kind of hard to get sometimes, and they tend to be a bit expensive for training purposes. That said, I now have a great value splint that I can use to practice splinting techniques.

This item is definitely going to get the heck used out of it, and I’m excited to get it unwrapped and in use.

What is in the Mission 64 Box?

Mission 64 is a great box. If you haven’t been following BattlBox throughout the Pandemic, then you probably aren’t aware that they’ve been doing an amazing job. Mission 64 is no exception. Once again, we’ve gotten some basic and required PPE to help us make it through the on-going Rona crisis. On top of the masks and nose filters, there is also a bunch of really awesome tools in this month’s box.

If you are an advanced, pro, or pro-plus knife of the month club member, then you already know what I’m talking about. Mission 64 has all of the killer extra stuff you want out of one of these boxes. If you don’t want to spend too much time reading everything I’ve put below, go ahead and watch the video above produced by the BattlBox crew.

Basic Edition.

Mission 64 Basic Box

The Basic Edition of BattlBox is where you start when you aren’t looking to spend a whole bunch of money every month. The price for entry is right around $30 depending on if you use a discount code or not.

In Mission 64, you are getting almost $60 in total value month-to-month. The basic box contents of Mission 64 include a miniature propane stove, rechargeable LED headlamp, a splint, a package of nasal filters, and a KN95 mask.

For me, the best item in this entire box-set comes straight out of the basic edition. If you aren’t looking to do training with a splint however, the Rechargeable LED Headlamp is an amazing value. By itself, that item would set you back almost the cost of the entire basic Mission 64.

Contents Value: $58.96.

  • Going Gear Micro Stove – $14.99
  • Glowco Rechargeable LED Headlamp – $24.99
  • Hero + Healers 36″ Flat Pack Splint – $9.99
  • Nosk Nasal Filters – $5.99
  • KN95 Mask – Free ($3 Value)

    Advanced Edition.

    SOG Scissors

    The advanced edition of Mission 64 is the next tier up. For reference, every tier up gets the additional items of that tier, plus every item from the tier below it. The advanced box will run you right around $60 per month, discount codes not included.

    In Mission 64, we get the SOG Snippet Multi-Tool. Now, I already own one of these, and it lives in my truck bug-in-bag. So, now I have a second one. What do I do with it?

    I replace the old used one with this brand new one. Then I give the older used up one to a buddy and help him save a bit of cash. These are a great tool to have, I may review it later down the road.

    Contents Value: $88.91.

  • SOG Snippet Multi-Tool – $29.95

    Pro Edition.

    SOG Camp Axe

    The advanced edition of Mission 64 would have set you back about $100 total. This is the level you invest in when you want to spend the money, but don’t want to get an awesome knife every month. The thing with Battlbox though is this, sometimes you just get an awesome knife anyways. See: Mission 57.

    Now, a camp axe isn’t exactly a cool knife, but it is an awesome tool, especially if you enjoy camping. The axe itself is made with a glass-reinforced nylon handle, and a stainless steel axe head. On the flip-side of the axe head, you have a flat surface that can easily double as a general purpose camp hammer.

    Oh, one more thing. This guy comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Contents Value: $148.86.

  • SOG Camp Axe with GRN Sheath – $59.95

    Knife of the Month Club Edition.

    Mission 64 Knife of the Month

    The Knife of the Month Club is the best edition of BattlBox that you can get. Each month, you’ll drop about $150 on this level. That said, you will 99.99% of the time get $250+ worth of gear back at a minimum. I’ve seen this up in the $300’s for some of their monthly missions.

    Also, I’m not gonna lie. The team at BattlBox always manages to pick out a really cool knife to send out to their subscribers, and Mission 64 is no exception.

    This month, we actually get a VG-10 Damascus Steel folding pocket knife from Buck N Bear. If you’re anything like me, when it’s time for a new pocket-knife, you spend hours searching. We spend this time searching because we want to get the best value for our money, and find a really cool and unique knife. BattlBox did all of that work for us this time, and I think the knife speaks for itself in the picture.

    Contents Value: $278.85.

  • Buck N Bear Titanium Flipper VG-10 Damascus Steel – $129.99

    Mission 64 Announces BattlBox Southern Survival?

    Mission 64 Southern Survival Announced

    Last, but certainly not least is a special pamphlet that came with Mission 64. Generally, each month there are add-on pamphlets with BattlBox. Normally, these send you to retailers that are featured in the box, and include really amazing coupon codes for follow-on purchases. This time however, things are a little weird.

    The add-on pamphlet features the BattlBox crew riding an ATV through an explosion. On both sides, the words “Southern Survival” and “Netflix Original Series” are listed.

    Did the BattlBox crew just become the next Tiger King? Or are we looking at something more like Survivor Man meets Myth Busters?

    Only time will tell. I am incredibly excited to see what kind of content the BattlBox team has been cooking up with Netflix.

    Final Thoughts on Battlbox Mission 64.

    Mission 64 Thumbnail

    As always, BattlBox has once again set the standard as far as these monthly subscription boxes go. There are a lot of companies out there doing what they do. Some of them do it pretty well. The fact of the matter however is this. BattlBox knows what they are putting into each box, and each month every new box is better than the last. Mission 64 was awesome.

    That’s just the opinion of one reviewer though. Let me know down in the comments who your go to subscription box is. Do you not use one at all, instead opting to just make monthly purchases yourself? What kind of things do you invest in month-to-month for bush-craft and survival?