The Savage Model 11 – Before You Buy [Review]

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If a proven and dependable deer gun is on your wish list, than the Savage Model 11 might be exactly what you need in your arsenal. Thanks to Student of the Gun, I had the opportunity to get this rifle out on the range. While I’ll be giving you the full report of that range day a bit further down. Before that, I want to take a minute to educate you about the rifle first. One of the most important things you can do when purchasing a new rifle, is learn a bit about it.

Allow me to be your guide.

We’ll explore who Savage Arms is, for those of you who are new to this space. Then we’ll talk about the Savage Model 11’s features, and specifications. After that, we’ll get into the nitty gritty on how I feel it held up out at the range. There is also a video that Paul Markel put together on the exact rifle in this review for those of you who are visual learners. Buckle up, here we go.

Why Choose Savage Arms?

Savage Model 11 Review

Savage Arms is a serious industry powerhouse in the firearms world. Founded in 1894, Arthur William Savage first set up shop in Utica, New York. Since then, Savage has been on the front-lines of firearms innovation building functional tools for shooters that need them. If you’ve been in the shooting world for a while, then they’re a name-brand that doesn’t need any special mentions. You know who they are, and that their rifles and shotguns are top-quality products.

If you’re new to the world of shooting, take my word for it. Savage Arms is a quality company based out of Westfield, Massachusetts. They know what they’re doing when they make a rifle or shotgun, and you can purchase their products in confidence. There’s a reason you will just about always find one of their products on the rack at your favorite local sporting good store.

Savage Arms products work, and they’re priced to sell.

Meet The Savage Model 11.

The Savage Model 11 rifle is for the hunter, by the hunter. It comes in a variety of calibers and packages ranging from .204 Ruger to 7mm Rem. Depending on what you intend to hunt, the Model 11 probably has a variant specifically for you. Depending on the version you get, there are a slew of features the rifle may or may not come with out of the box.

Any Savage Model 11 should have a three-position safety, and an AccuTrigger system that is fully adjustable by the end-user. The safety sits high on the tang of the rifle and is very easy to actuate, and the AccuTrigger system is fully adjustable with a kit that comes with the rifle out of the box. Also, it goes without saying, but the barrel is of a free-float design to maximize your accuracy.

Here’s a video by Paul Markel of Student of the Gun talking about the specific Savage Model 11 that we fired. And yes, we even fired the rifle from that exact same table at that exact same range. Our weather wasn’t quite as nice though.


  • Action: Bolt.
  • Barrel Length (in)/(cm): 22 / 55.9.
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel.
  • Caliber: 260 REM.
  • Magazine Capacity: 4.
  • Hand: Right.
  • Length of Pull (in)/(cm): 13.5 / 33.0.
  • Magazine: Detachable Box Magazine.
  • Overall Length (in)/(cm): 41.5 / 104.1.
  • Rate of Twist (in): 1 in 8.

    Fusion .260 Rem

    Range Day With The Savage Model 11.

    If you watched the video above, then you’ve already seen the location where we did all of our shooting with the Model 11. For the purpose of this review, it’s worth noting that we shot in semi-inclement weather at about 7,000 feet above sea level. The location of our range was in Wyoming, and we shot out to about 500-yards. We used 120 grain Fusion .260 Remington, and we used Nikon glass that came with Paul’s Savage. (Ignore the Federal Premium box in the pictures, that was from another rifle we shot that day.)

    Throughout the duration of our shoot, we encountered no major malfunctions or stoppages. We put about 100 rounds down-range at ranges from 100 to 500 yards. Our target was a steel hanger sized for the sweet spot on medium game. The AccuTrigger system was about a 4lb pull, and it had a nice crisp break that made following through on shots very satisfying and enjoyable. The bolt was also a smooth-pull, and functioned exactly as intended.

    The specific Savage Model 11 that we shot was a pleasure to shoot, but there are two things that stood out. I’ll cover those in the section below.

    Accurate and Lightweight.

    Savage Model 11 Thumbnail

    With the Savage Model 11 in .260 there was two standout things I have to mention. One, I’m fairly certain that this rifle is more accurate than I am. Now, that’s the case with a lot of rifles out there, and it’s not because I’m a bad shooter. That said, the Model 11 made it very easy for me to find my limits at any range, and then it enabled me to push past them as a shooter. This is a good quality to search for in a rifle, and it’s one the Model 11 has.

    Next, there’s the fact that this thing is lightweight. With the Nikon 3-9x BDC mounted, we come in with a total weight that is just over 9 pounds. Why does this matter? Well, for the experienced hunters out there, you already know. For the new hunter among us though, I’d like to bring up an old quote from one of my Gunnery Sergeants. Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain. I’m pretty sure he stole that quote from someone, but he’s the guy I’ve stolen it from. In short, the less you’re hiking out into the woods, the farther you can get into those woods to find your prey.

    All in all, the Savage Model 11 is a very lightweight rifle that will prove to be as accurate as you need it to be.

    Is The Savage Model 11 Right For You This Deer Season?

    If you’re an entry-level or even a slightly more experienced shooter looking for a rifle this deer season, the Savage Model 11 is perfect for you. If you’re looking to get a quality deer gun in a new caliber to supplement your arsenal without breaking the bank, the Savage Model 11 is also right for you. Basically, I would recommend the Savage Model 11 to anyone if they’re looking to get a solid rifle that will do work for them this upcoming season. It comes in a variety of different packages, so you can find exactly what you need and easily slot this into your rifle cabinet, and I am confident that it will work for years to come.

    I’m just one shooter though. Together as a community, we have a collective shooting experience that can only be quantified using millenia. That’s not just me calling some of you old either, we got experience here on Full30. If we share it, we can help each other make good decisions at the gun counter. The Savage Model 11 is one of those rifles that many shooters have had time behind, and I would love to hear from you down in the comments. Tell us your experience with the Model 11, and if you have any questions that this review didn’t answer feel free to leave a comment. I try to respond to as many comments as I can.