Revo Knives Ness CF – Every Day Carry Pocket Knife [Review]

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When it comes to your every day carry knife, there are about ten billion options on the market. Over the years, we’ve carried a good number of different pocket knives. These range from the outlandish to the more standard ones like the Revo Knives Ness CF. Out of all the knives I’ve carried through the years, I’ve found that the non-flashy knives that use a tried and tested design are generally the knives that hold up the best.

Some knives can hold up great to our every day abuse, some leave us wanting a lot more. Courtesy of our friends at Battlbox, we recently got our hands on the Revo Knives Ness CF. It came in the monthly box as our knife of the month club item, and I was personally pretty excited to get my hands on it. For the purpose of this review, know that I personally used and carried this knife every day on a recent overlanding trip I took down to the Moab area of Utah.

Quick mandatory shoutout to Battlbox for including this knife in their latest subscription box. If you guys haven’t checked them out yet, here’s a link to a past review of one of their monthly boxes. They’re a great value subscription, and you definitely won’t regret giving yourself an early Christmas once per month.

Revo Knives Ness CF Deck

Who is Revo Knives?

I’ll be honest and up-front with you here. At the on-set of opening this Battlbox, I had no idea who Revo Knives was. That’s another great thing about having a Battlbox subscription. If you don’t know the team there, they are probably some of the best product selectors in the entire outdoors industry when it comes to this type of thing. Thanks to Battlbox, as soon as I opened this knife’s box, I knew that I needed to know more about them as a company. Here’s what I found after a little bit of research.

Revo Knives is a straight knife making company. They have one niche that they are in, and that is the niche of making affordable knives for people who need quality tools in their daily life. Their company ethos includes building quality and durable products with an intense focus on reliability, performance, design, and value. They also believe that all of those things can be accomplished and packaged in a tool that will not make you flinch when you enter your credit card information.

Meet the Revo Knives Ness CF Pocket Knife.

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The Revo Knives Ness CF is a quality made pocket knife. The blade has a Nessmuk blade style that easily folds into the handle. It is opened with an assist on the back side of the blade, and folds in a fairly conventional manner. The blade is crafted from stonewashed D2 bladesteel. The handle itself is textured and grooved with scales to give the end-user a better grip when cutting with the knife. The grip is backed with steel liners to reinforce and add additional durability to the blade’s handle.

The Carbon Fiber version of the Ness is the most expensive variant coming in at around $110 USD. However, there are three other versions of the blade that come in Black, OD Green, and Blue. These variants of the Ness will run you right around $80 USD, and they are a steal at the price considering the quality of the blade.


  • Groove textured G-10 scales offer a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Item includes a deep carry pocket clip for convenient tip-up carry.
  • Nessmuk style blade with a curved edge and flat grind for versatile cutting performance.
  • D2 Bladesteel
  • Colors Include: Black, OD Green, Blue, and Carbon Fiber.
  • The Revo Knives Ness CF Carried Every Day.

    As stated earlier, my initial review period with this knife was fairly intense. I received the knife shortly before a long overlanding trip down to the Moab area of Southern Utah. If you’re into overlanding, then you know that you’ll end up using your pocket knife about three-dozen times per day while up in the backcountry. General purpose uses include, but were not limited to, cutting para cord, opening food, removing smaller branches from larger branches to gather fire-kindling I later realized we couldn’t use due to fire restrictions, and a myriad of other general purpose camp duties. The knife itself was easily carried in the front pocket of my shorts along with my spare pistol magazine and the Rapid Medical EDC Medical Kit.

    The carbon fiber design of the knife makes it very sleek to look at. Also, the knife features a fairly standard deep-carry pocket clip. This allows the knife to sit comfortably in your pocket for long periods of time. As with everything EDC related, my opinion is that it’s best to be able to forget you even have the item on you until you need it. The Ness CF meets and exceeds that expectation and looks good in the process.

    Durability and Sharpness.

    Revo Knives Ness CF Thumbnail

    We don’t have a proper knife review if we don’t talk about these two things. How durable is the knife in question? Do I need to spend half of an hour sharpening the knife once it’s out of the box? The answer to these questions respectively are, it is very durable, and the knife does not need sharpening.

    Let’s start with how sharp these knives are straight out of the box. I received my Battlbox the day before I left for our overland adventure out to the Utah backcountry. On a whim, I decided to take the Revo with me instead of my usual Spyderco knife. Over the course of the two week journey, I used the knife on countless occasions. In all of those occasions, the knife was sufficiently sharp enough to perform the task at hand, whether that task was aimlessly whittling wood, slicing through strands of paracord to setup camp for the evening, or cutting trash down to size for easy removal.

    As far as durability goes, the Ness CF seems sufficient enough to hold up to the standards you would expect from a high-end pocket knife. While I don’t have any stories of the knife being smashed between rocks, or dropped down a canyon, it definitely suffered through its fair share of drops and bumps. Through all of that, the knife seemed to hold up well enough, and is no worse for the wear. As far as I’m concerned, the knife did its job perfectly.

    Final Thoughts on the Revo Knives Ness CF.

    I’m someone who owns a good number of EDC knives. Courtesy of BattlBox’s knife of the month club, I have an almost endless supply of them actually. The Revo Knives Ness CF is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to get into the EDC world. It is a well designed and well made knife. Straight out of the box, you can tell that the creators of this knife have a large amount of respect for their customers. They’ve definitely delivered on their company’s mission of providing a quality tool that doesn’t break the bank.

    That said, I am just one independent reviewer and writer. What is your current every day carry knife? Do you have any experience with Revo Knives? We want to hear from you down in the comments below. As one independent reviewer I can only cover so much at any given time. As a community however, there is an endless amount of things we can discuss. Hit us up down in the comments section to let us know what you’ve been working with.