Gear Pack Box 49 – Jungle Survival Kit [Review]

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Another month is passing, and another amazing box of goodies has arrived. This month we’ve got our hands on Gear Pack Box 49. The contents of this outstanding little subscription box are centered around a jungle survival theme. I live in Salt Lake City, so I’m a bit far out from the jungles on planet Earth. That said, I do have a fair amount of experience doing operational things in a jungle environment. I spent five years of my life stationed on Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

A good majority of our training in the 3rd Marine Division centered on surviving and operating in the Kahuku Rain Forest up near the North Shore. So while I currently am not able to test much of this equipment properly, I do have a decent understanding of how the tools are supposed to be used.

In this review we’ll be covering down on three things. The usability of the gear provided. How much value we obtained from the box itself versus a straight store purchase of the items individually. And, last but certainly not least, we’ll cover down on how we rate this specific Gear Pack.

Why Choose Gear Pack?

Gear Pack Jungle Box

In the world of tactical subscription boxes, there is no shortage of choices. We’ve done an entire article on the best boxes out there. On the outside of that article there are probably more than a dozen companies producing quality boxes that we didn’t mention. Some, we may have never even heard of before. So, why should you choose Gear Pack?

Gear Pack is one of the few companies in this space who do not lock their best items to their highest tiers. The people ordering the Basic Box are still getting an incredible value with extremely good brands in them. Unlike some other subscription boxes out there, you won’t ever just get a “sample” because you only ordered the Basic Box. Month-to-month, Gear Pack as a company goes out of their way to ensure that their subscribers get useable products at each tier.

That’s my reason for choosing Gear Pack as one of the subscription boxes I get every single month. (I also may have a mild addiction to subscription boxes, see this latest knife review.)

Gear Pack Box 49 – Jungle Survival Kit.

Gear Pack Contents

Alright, before you start going all Brad Pitt from Seven on me, I’ll tell you what’s in the box. Below this section you’ll see the individual contents of the box laid out by tier. In number 49 we got a heck of a lot of cool stuff. That cool stuff includes products from SOG, Rite in the Rain, Rotcho, Revo, and Renegade.

Most important, for the highest tier subscribers, you’re getting three blades. If there’s one thing you can have no shortage of in a jungle environment, it’s quality and durable cutting tools. Let’s break down the contents of Box 49.

Basic Box Contents. – $19.99

  • AQUATABS 10 Pack – Value – $2.25
  • Rite in the Rain 3×5 Notebook – Value $3.95
  • ROTCHO Mosquito Head Net – Value – $5.99
  • Genuine G.I 1 Qaurt Canteen – Value – $5.99
  • OD Canvas Carry-All Canteen Cover W/ Sling – Value – $8.99
  • Total Value: $27.17
  • Basic Plus Box Contents. $39.99

  • SOG Ace Fixed Blade Knife W/ Sheath – Value – $32.95
  • Total Value: $60.12
  • Advanced Box Contents. – $79.99

  • Rite in the Rain Notebook Cover / Pouch – Value – $19.95
  • ROTHCO Sniper Veil – Value – $21.99
  • REVO Ready Light Micro – Value – $12.99
  • Total Value: $115.05
  • Ultimate Box Contents. – $119.99

  • Renegade Kudzu King Jungle Thrasher – Value – $24.99
  • SOG Field Pup II W/ Kydex Sheath – Value $74.99
  • Total Value: $214.99
  • My Thoughts on the Jungle Survival Kit from Gear Pack.

    So, right out of the gate, I think we can easily give Gear Pack a 10/10 for their value scale. If purchased separately, the three blades that came in the highest level of box 49 pay for the box plus a nice steak dinner for one. If purchased individually, every item on this list would have cost almost double the amount of the box itself. Out of every subscription box I have used in the past, this may be the highest value for the dollar I’ve ever seen. To top it off, I got three kick-ass knives with it including the SOG Field Pup II which I was considering buying myself. Guess I don’t need to now.

    Next, let’s dive into the usability of the products obtained. While I don’t think I’ll see myself needing the sniper veil anytime soon, almost every other product in this box can find a place. I’ve already tossed the REVO Ready Light into my truck for emergencies. The SOG Field Pup’s new home is in my truck get-home-bag as well. The Renegade seems like a cheaper jungle knife upon initial inspection. However, the blade itself seems sturdy enough for some basic jungle field craft or vine clearance. Many of the other products, such as the mosquito net, water purification tablets, and the canteen and canteen cover are also perfectly useable for actual field operations in a jungle environment. Overall, I would say the only product that isn’t something that I would use is the sniper veil.

    Gear Pack Thumbnail

    Parting Shots with Gear Pack.

    At the end of the day, I’d give this specific Gear Pack an easy 4.8 out of 5 stars. The products in it are of a high enough quality to make them all extremely useable in a real world jungle survival situation. The only additional product that really would have made this box stand out is a tried and true compass. Getting lost in the jungle is extremely easy. Every tree, every vine, every bush looks exactly the same. Compound on top of that fatigue, heat, and the pure misery provided by the environment, and you have a real recipe for getting 2nd LT lost.

    A lot of truly great brands were included in this month’s Gear Pack drop. SOG, ROTCHO, Rite in the Rain, and REVO are all incredible companies, and I’ve already used a number of their products in real world jungle military operations. Overall, I was very pleased to see them included on the list of products here.

    That’s just the opinion of one independent reviewer though. Let us know down in the comments section if you’ve ever used any tactical subscription boxes in the past. Who did you use? Do you still get their box every month? If not, what was your primary reason for deciding to leave their service? Together we can come together as a community and help each other to make the best possible decisions with our purchasing power.