A Quick Lesson In Economics

first published on May 27, 2016 by



Some folks out there have very little understanding about what it takes to run a successful small business.  There is more to it that just making a product that people want, which is a tough enough task in and of itself.  Beyond that, you have to cover all your production costs, which includes many things from raw materials to all the overhead costs up to and including rent or the mortgage for the facility.  Getting beyond those costs, there are other things to consider such as the value of your time.  Lastly, you need to make enough profit in the end (the reward for your hard work) that makes it all worth the rest of the other hassles.

Some people, such as the person who sent a recent email to Omega Holsters, just don’t quite understand those concepts.

Having been the sole owner of a small business myself, a business in which I manufactured specialized motorcycle parts for supermoto race bikes, I too received email inquiries similar to the one Nate is responding to in that video.  At the time of this writing, this video has been shared more than 2,600 times and had been viewed more than a quarter of a million times in the two days since it was posted.

If you ask me, this is an absolutely brilliant response!  I think the number of shares and views indicates other people agree.

After reading the comments on their Facebook page, and looking at the products on their website, I’m guessing their product lead time might be getting a bit longer.  It seems this video is bringing them lots of new customers.