California Democrats Shred Second Amendment

first published on May 19, 2016 by



Today, Thursday May 19, 2016, the Democrats in the California legislature passed what has been deemed “gunpocalypse.”  Gunpocalypse is a series of ten, yes 10 new violations of the Second Amendment gun control laws.  Yes, you read that correctly, they passed 10 new gun control laws, because California has such lax gun control laws?  Because our already significant number of gun control laws is so successful at reducing “gun violence?”  Because democrats are insane and keep doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting a different result?  My vote is the last one.

While these bills are not law yet, they are now headed to Governor Moonbeam’s desk.  The fact that I am having to pray for a moment of clarity in the cloudy, senile mind of the man who signed the $15 minimum wage law into effect while simultaneously, publicly saying it did not make economic sense to do so, leaves me with very, very little hope that they will not soon be law.

CORRECTION:  As someone correctly pointed out in the comments, these bills have only passed the CA senate at this point and still need to be approved by the house before going to the governor.  Sadly, with 52 Democrats and only 28 Republicans in the CA Assembly, the chance that these bills will not pass there also is beyond paper thin.

Nevermind that NONE of these laws would have made an ounce of difference in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino that was used as emotional fodder to get them passed.

Nevermind that NONE of these laws can possibly make a difference in the “gun violence” that they supposedly are directed at, seeing as the overwhelming majority of “gun violence” (99.9%) is perpetrated by people who do not legally possess their guns.

Nevermind that countless law enforcement unions, Sheriffs and Police Chiefs have publicly stated their opposition to these newly proposed laws.

Nevermind that organizations representing the very district attorneys who prosecute the crime have also publicly voiced their opposition.

Nevermind common sense.

Nevermind the mother freaking Constitution of the United States!!!

Despite all of the above, the run-your-lives-for-you, know-it-all, in-your-business, know-what-is-better-for-you-than-you-do asshat Democrats passed them all, all 10 of the proposed new bills.

The following video was put out two days ago after all 10 of those bills were rammed through the appropriations committee.  The legislative shenanigans discussed in the video continued today and the very same bills were rammed through the floor today.

I do not think I have ever been more disgusted by my state legislature than I am now, and that is saying a lot considering I am a conservative who lives in CA.  This is mindbogglingly unconscionable and absolutely infuriating!  It amazes, saddens and angers me that NONE of these elected jack wagons takes their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States seriously.

Well I too took that oath, and it actually means something to me.  I vow that I will NEVER enforce any of these new laws. I will resign before I am forced to enforce this crap! The ONLY way I will ever enforce any of these laws is if I am already arresting someone for some existing, legitimate crimes and one or more of these new laws will help put them behind bars for a longer stay.  Beyond that, they mean as much to me as the oath of office does to the legislators who passed these bills.