“Gun Violence” claims the life of aspiring young athlete

first published on May 30, 2016 by


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NOTE: The NewsSports article has now been heavily edited removing all mentions of “gun violence”. That didn’t take long.
Bryce Dejean-Jones was an aspiring young athlete that by all accounts had a bright future ahead of him in the NBA. His young life was cut short by “gun violence” on May 28th when a gun shot wound tore through his abdomen according to this article by the SportingNews. It seems that Bryce had ventured into the wrong apartment and the blood thirsty inhabitant of said apartment plugged the poor misunderstood young man in the belly with his firearm thus ending his life.

“Gun violence” strikes again according to the SportingNews.

What the article attempts to down play is the fact this fine upstanding athlete was kicking in the front door to an apartment. When the resident of the apartment called out to Bryce, he didn’t respond and instead kicked in another door which placed him in the bedroom of the armed resident of the apartment. The resident fired a shot striking Bryce in the abdomen ending his young life.

Reading the Sporting News article is gut wrenching, not because Bryce lost his life but because it’s unfathomable the spin this writer tries to put on the whole event. They paint the resident of the apartment under attack as the bad guy who used “gun violence” to end Bryce’s criminal rampage. The gun-grabbing spin masters at SportingNews claim that poor misunderstood Bryce was in the apartment by mistake and was simply looking for his girlfriend. You know, because we all kick in the front doors and bedroom doors of our loved ones.

It’s absolutely disgusting how media outlets such SportingNews twist facts and logic in an attempt to sway their readers into thinking “gun violence” is to blame for the death of a common criminal who was committing a violent act when he was snuffed out by a law abiding citizen defending himself from a home invader.

What is “gun violence” anyway? Violence is a verb and a gun is an inanimate object. How on earth can an inanimate object commit a crime or be violent? “Gun violence” is one of those not so cleaver catch phrases the anti-gunners dreamt up to prompt an emotional response by those incapable of rational thought. They use it over and over again to program people to believe guns are violent.

Just like the violent thug Michael Brown who was gunned down by a police officer defending himself from a vicious attack by what the media called a “gentle giant”… the anti-gun main stream media loves to demonize the good guys and apotheoses murderous criminals in an effort to push their anti-gun political agenda forward. They don’t care how many innocent people must die to achieve their goal of complete disarmament, all that matters is that they get their way even if that means glorifying murderers, rapists, drug dealers and violent thugs.

We need to fight back against the use of the phrase “gun violence” and chastise any media outlet that uses it. Even if a gang banger kills another gang banger, it’s not “gun violence” it’s violence. It’s murder. It’s a killing. By blaming an inanimate object we remove the guilt from the responsible parties and demonize a tool.

When is the last time you saw a news report of a stabbing that referred to the event as “knife violence”? When is the last time you saw a news report that reported a drunk driving accident as “vehicle violence” or “alcohol violence”? Exactly, never. This whole “gun violence” non-sense is purposely engineered to convince the masses that guns are violent, or cause violence, and as such they must be removed from our society.