Its A People Problem, Not A Gun Problem

first published on February 27, 2016 by


Two days ago, a tragic incident occurred in Hesston, Kansas.  A murderous piece of human excrement shot 17 people, killing three (3).  There has been very little outrage on the news, at least not that I have seen, and the usual anti-gun suspects on social media have been conspicuously quiet as well.

The silence from the Moms Demand Action on this recent mass shooting is notable.  On Feb 25th, when the incident occurred, they were pouncing all over it.  Shannon’s Demanding Moms were quick to post an article about it, but not a peep since then, not even as the death toll rose?  Could that be because once the facts became known, this case flies in the face of their claims? How could it be that gun laws did not prevent this?


The far less mentally stable idiot that runs the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on the other hand continues to try and use this incident as evidence, of something, but he and the morons over at Huffington Post are not quite sure of what.  They are upset about the “domestic abuser loophole,” or something, you know… because apparently when a man commits several felonies in order to possess firearms, to these mental midgets, that somehow becomes a loophole.

The mental gymnastics one must perform to somehow blame the laws for this incident are actually quite impressive.  Seriously, how is anyone expected to have an adult conversation with people who willingly ignore the glaring, blatant true facts that are right before their eyes?

Quite the contrary, this incident demonstrates exactly why gun laws are NOT the answer to stopping “gun violence,” and 17 people paid the price of such a stupid concept, 3 of them with their lives.

The suspect in this case was stopped by one brave cop, Chief Doug Schroeder of the Hesston Police Department, who entered the business solo, engaged the suspect and put him in the dirt where he belonged.  Well done sir!  There are a lot of people who owe Chief Schroeder their lives because the location where this happened, yup, you guessed it, is a gun free zone.  Employees with concealed carry permits are not allowed to carry at work.  Once again, the gun free zone failed and the only way this bad guy with a gun was stopped was by a good guy with a gun.


The suspect, whom I refuse to name, was a multiple time loser with several felony convictions in his home state of Florida, and several arrests in Kansas.  His criminal history stretches back to when he was 18 years old (possibly longer, but his juvenile record would not be readily available).

“He had a criminal record stretching back to October 1996, when he was charged with carrying a concealed firearm when he was 18 years old, the records showed.” NBC News

For those of you slow on the up-take, the suspect was already legally prohibited from possessing firearms.

There are a few things all cops and most rational gun owners know.  Criminals will be criminals.  Criminals that want guns will get guns.  Criminals are criminals because by definition, they do not obey the law.  It is so simple, even a kindergartner can understand it.  Sadly, many people, up to and including Obama, are too stupid to understand that.


In this case, the murderous piece of crap managed to convince his baby momma to buy two guns for him.  Later, after giving birth to two of his kids, she suddenly realized he was not a good guy, likely because he abused her as he did other women, so she left him.  A few days later, and with the assistance of the cops, she got the two guns from him.   But sometime after that (and if this makes an ounce of sense to you) because he supposedly threatened her, she gave him the guns back.

Said babby momma, who knowingly provided her convicted felon boyfriend with the guns, has since been arrested and charged with a felony.  That said, I have serious doubts whether any justice will be served in her case.

You see, this is not the first time this has happened in recent years.  Just last year, another woman was conned into buying her convict boyfriend a gun.  The convict boyfriend later murdered Officer Kerrie Orozco with said gun.  That woman, whose acts directly lead to an officer’s death, was convicted and sentenced to 180 days home detention, community service, and 1 year probation.  Not even equivalent to a slap on the wrist considering the results of her actions.  I only hope that the Obama Justice Department does its job this time around, but I am sure not holding my breath…


As is most often the case, there is not a single new gun law, or a collection of laws, that could have prevented this incident, well except for Tom Cruise and the pre-crime team.  Everything that happened here was due to the criminal behavior of two people; the convict murderer and his co-criminal enabler.  This is not a gun or gun law problem, it is a people problem!

After Thought:  One last tidbit is that in this case, the suspect was a black man.  That fact in and of itself should not matter at all, and to most of us, it does not.  The problem is, especially to the gun control fanatics, every time the suspect is a white man, the racists (yes, you can be racist no matter what your skin color is) scream about the white guys and their guns, about how the cops let the white guys murder people, blah, blah, blah, racist drivel, blah, blah…