When you are a rabid anti-gun leftwing nutjob, and your scary descriptions of guns fail to impart adequate fear for Americans to flush away their constitutional rights, and your predictions of blood running freely in the streets, after open or concealed carry laws are passed, are consistently proven 100% wrong, what have you got left?  Well, I guess you then turn to planting “gun rights activists” at events and/or photoshopping pictures to try and make your point.

That might have been a good plan IF your photoshopper or “gun rights activist” knew the slightest thing about firearms.  Upon initial glance at this photo, I initially thought that this person was an idiot who somehow managed to stuff a magazine backwards into their Clinton gun ban era, thumbhole stocked AK variant.  However, upon closer inspection, this photo is pretty clearly a poorly done photoshop job.  Take a look at the zoomed in shot and you will notice that the resolution of the main photo is far lower than the resolution of the backwards magazine, the magazine that is somehow managing to float midair in the area to the right of the mag well.

EDIT:  It appears my comments regarding photoshop were off base, as there are several other photos of this same individual from different angles, all with the same backwards magazine.  So, not a photoshop, which leads me to believe this guy was definitely a plant.  Honestly, I’ve tried to do this with my own AK, and I cannot remotely get the mag to stay there like this.  This much fail took effort!


Getting beyond the kindergarten level attempt at photo fakery, the whole point of this article is ridiculous and it is just a continuation of the perpetually wrong predictions the anti-gun folks make every time a pro-gun law is passed.  In this case, they are predicting that a student carrying a concealed weapon will go nuts in class and threaten or attack the professor.  Do they not already have muscular students?  What about college football players?  Do people not carry pocket knives in Texas?  How many of those people have attacked the professors for saying something they did not agree with?

Furthermore, how many of us gun toting maniacs (their opinion of anyone like you or I who carry a gun) have run around attacking people that say things we do not like?  Honestly, if gun owners were as violent as the anti-gunners claimed, there would not be any anti-gunners left to complain about us.

The predictions made in this collection of hoplophobic drivel, and the photo they included with it, are as realistic as the black “KKK member Trump supporters” who were recently seen at the Nevada GOP Caucus.



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