You Need Medical Supplies With Your Kit

first published on March 3, 2016 by


Regardless of who you are, and what your intent is, you absolutely need to have basic first-aid training. It’s not an option, get some medical supplies.

Medical Supplies 1

All to often I see individuals who decide that since they don’t have any first-aid training, they don’t need to carry medical supplies. They spend outrageous amounts of money setting up their pistol, their AR, their shotgun, and their plate carrier, but they don’t drop a single dime on a basic blowout kit. Why should they right? If they don’t know anything about TCCC, or MARCH, why should they carry first-aid gear? If all they’re doing is playing on the range, why carry medical supplies at all?

Medical Supplies 2

First and foremost, accidents happen. For that simple reason alone, every person who frequents the range should have some gear in their vehicle. Either to supplement what the range has in case of a serious emergency, or in the event you run into a catastrophic car accident, and you NEED to be a first responder.

Second, as a firearm owner, why wouldn’t you want to have basic knowledge of simple life saving techniques? I’m assuming for the most part, a lot of us have firearms for a specific reason. Whatever that may be, the underlying reason is generally the defense of ourselves, and others around us. Because of that, you should be compelled to take a basic first-aid course, and get some medical supplies you can keep handy in case of an emergency.

Medical 3

A basic blowout kit that you can keep in your vehicle, or on your person while you train isn’t expensive. Not every individual needs a full-blown trauma bag, complete with nasal airways, IV bags, and a needle D kit, but a simple like med kit like the picture above is something everyone should have.

If your building your first kit, or buying a pre-made one there’s a few things you should have. Trauma sheers for removing clothes, gauze for packing and wrapping wounds, basic first-aid staples like band-aids, and a tourniquet in order to stop massive bleeding. There’s a lot more that can go into your kit, but that’s a pretty basic and easy place to start.

If you’re not sure what else you should put in your blowout kit, or how to use anything you already have, don’t worry about it. Full30 has some great channels for you to check out. I’d strongly recommend starting with Life Line Warrior Medicine.