Can Cops Ever Be Justified?

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Aurora, CO Police Department had a third officer involved shooting in a short period of time which has apparently caused the news media to make stupid news media assumptions like “the cops are shooting too many people” instead of wondering the more logical “why are so many people doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them?”

The most recent shooting, the one which has caused the media to wonder their stupid questions involved a carjacking by an armed subject who led the police on a 17 mile pursuit at the end of which he rammed a cop car and then pointed a gun at the cops, who promptly shot him. The passenger in the suspect vehicle even said the suspect told her he was going to shoot it out with the cops. So the media is questioning this? Really?


I’m happy to say the Chief of the Aurora Police gave them the appropriate response.

“If you point a gun at one of my officers, expect that there will be an aggressive and a very overwhelming response. Because my expectation is that my officers go home at the end of shift.” – Chief Nick Metz

Here is the short news story put out by the local CBS Denver station. (Click here for video) Notice their inclusion of a statement made by some nitwit from the ACLU, you know, because the cops are bad and stuff. I will address that nitwit’s comments after the video.

“If the numbers, um, are, are too high, and I think they are, then there needs to be, um, measures taken to see how can we reduce the numbers and the frequency of these shootings” – Mark Silverstein, Legal Director, ACLU Colorado

Well Mark, instead of worrying about how many times the cops are shooting bad guys, how about you worry about preventing the bad guys from doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them. This is an absolutely 100% justified shooting, and the idiots at the ACLU are worried about finding a way to reduce 100% justified shootings? Are you people developmentally disabled? Did your parents have any children that lived?



The cops actions are predicated by the actions of the suspect. If the suspect did not 1) carjack someone while armed with a gun, 2) lead the cops on a 17 mile pursuit, 3) ram a cop car (ie: assault with a deadly weapon), 4) state his intentions to shoot the cops and 5) point a gun at the cops, then the likelihood that the cops would have shot him would be ZERO.

Mark, you braindead moron, the people whose behavior you need to worry about correcting is the criminal’s, not the cop’s. I realize that doing so would go against the ACLU’s sole purpose in life, to hate the cops, and would instead hold the criminals accountable for their own actions, but seriously, buddy, your contention is so full of crap a kindergartener would be calling you out on it.

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