Bullet Button Silliness; The Follow Through

first published on June 11, 2016 by


As a quick follow up to the article I wrote 4 days ago, I received the parts I needed in order to convert one of my bullet button equipped rifles to a “featureless” rifle.  I filmed the swap and included some commentary.  Not only do I demonstrate what a bullet button is, for those of you lucky enough to have no idea what they are, but I also point out how silly the desire to outlaw the “bullet button” is.

The conversion I did for that video used a Thordsen Customs FRS-15 stock.  I have also ordered some other parts in order to perform a different sort of conversion, which is also totally legal and also allows me to replace the bullet button with a real mag release, and allows me to use whatever magazine I see fit.  Once those part arrive, I will document those conversions as well.