Standing on Still Warm Bodies to Push Gun Control

first published on June 12, 2016 by


It has only been a few hours since the Islamic terrorist attack, on a gay bar, which at last count resulted in 50 people killed with another 53 injured, was committed by a man who was on the FBI’s radar, a registered Democrat no less, and already the usual suspects are clamoring for more gun control.

If you have a few brain cells to spare, take a look at the idiocy being spewed on Twitter sporting the hastag, #StopGunViolence or #GunControlNow.

Seriously, gun control?  This was an Islamic terrorist attack you freaking morons, not some “bitter clinger” middle aged white homophobe that the leftists keep insisting are the problem.  All of the stupidity being thrown around as if it has some merit caused me to ask:

Okay, we should take a step back for a moment and consider the possible validity of the leftist’s cries for more gun control.  Super strict gun control clearly did a fantastic job recently in preventing the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in January of 2015, the coordinated terrorist attacks all over Paris in November of 2015, and here at home in preventing the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.  Oh wait, strict gun control did not stop radical Islamic terrorists intent on killing people from illegally acquiring weapons with which to carry out those attacks?

Well, if strict gun control did not work in those instances, then there has to be evidence that it worked in other instances, right?  Because to keep insisting that more, stricter gun control would stop horrific events, when history shows us that it makes no difference, would just be plain stupid…

Just to reiterate what I already said, this was not gun violence you freaking morons!  It was an Islamic terrorist attack!  The time to remove the warning labels off of everything has come and gone…