Congratulations CA Anti-gunners

first published on June 7, 2016 by



For several years in a row now, anti-gun politicians in the State of California have been pushing bills to outlaw guns equipped with “bullet buttons.”  The latest bill, AB 1664, which is circulating right now in the state capital, seeks to turn all guns equipped with bullet buttons into “assault rifles” thus requiring anyone in possession of one in the state to register it lest they become a felon when the grace period expires.  The last time the liberal anti-gun politicians in this state created “assault rifles” out of regular sporting rifles, and required the population to register them, the majority of California gun owners complied.  Things have changed since then, and most gun owners see how manipulative and disingenuous the politicians are being.  I highly doubt this latest move toward forced registration would be nearly as successful.

There has been no giant wave of crimes being committed by criminals wielding bullet button equipped rifles, but that is not stopping the leftists from suggesting there is.  For example, they keep pointing to the terrorist attack in San Diego as “proof” that this ban is needed, but to anyone who knows the facts, that is just a lie.  Taken directly from the Wikipedia entry on the 1989 ban:

“It is under these exceptions that the weapons used in the 2015 San Bernardino mass shooting (despite what liberals and Wikipedia say, this was a terrorist attack, NOT a “mass shooting”) were legal when initially purchased. The perpetrators subsequently illegally altered these exempt weapons in ways that violated other provisions of the California law, by enabling the DPMS Panther Arms AR-15 rifle to use a high-capacity magazine and modifying the Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle in an attempt to allow it to fire in fully automatic mode.”

What is missing from that entry is that while the weapons were indeed legally purchased originally, as are MOST weapons (unless they are stolen from the manufacturer), they were purchased ILLEGALLY by the terrorists from the person who legally bought then, and the terrorists then ILLEGALLY converted them, as is actually noted in that entry.  Two laws broken before they even began breaking more laws by murdering people, we obviously need more laws…

Moving beyond the dishonest use of that incident to try and push their latest infringement, one state assemblyman, Mike Gipson (D), who happens to be a former cop, although I have no idea what department he worked for or in what capacity, claimed on the assembly floor that simply removing the bullet button from a rifle renders the weapon now able to fire in fully automatic mode.  Sadly, despite his experience as a cop, which as I have said repeatedly does not necessarily endow one with and sort of gun skills or knowledge, Gipson clearly knows nothing about firearms and even less about bullet buttons.

So, since the brain donors occupying the state capital seem so intent on outlawing my super ultra mega dangerous bullet button equipped rifles, the rifles which I need a tool to swap magazines, the rifles that by law I can only insert a 10 round magazine into, I have decided to play along.   From this point forward, I will be converting all of my bullet button equipped rifles to “featureless” rifles instead.

For those of you living in free America, you are probably wondering what a “featureless” rifle is.  It is simply a rifle that does not have any of the features that the anti-gun politicians deemed so dangerous.  So, no flash hider (will pin and weld my comps), no collapsible or folding stock, no forward pistol grip, no grenade launchers and finally, no ultra-deadly pistol grips.

Seeing as none of my rifles have any of those features, other than the collapsible stocks (only on some) and pistol grips, converting them will be a simple task.  On some, I will go with a Kydex wrap on the pistol grip, and on others I have chosen to go with a Thordsen Customs FRS-15 stock.


The beauty is, once I convert my bullet button rifles over to featureless rifles, I will then be able to have a standard magazine release and better yet, I will now be able to use any and all of my standard capacity magazines in them.  The downside is that featureless rifles lack the same aesthetics as a bullet button equipped rifle, but function in this case far outweighs beauty.

Congratulations democrats, you successfully forced me to, in full compliance with state laws, convert my rifles, which previously could only have a 10 round magazine inserted and required a tool to change the magazines, to rifles that now have detachable magazines and no artificial round limitations.  Bravo!

Don’t fret bullet button fans, while I have personally chosen to convert my rifles, I will not give up the fight against this idiotic bill, nor will I give up the fight on the myriad of other infringements on our rights being pushed by the anti-freedom, anti-American left.