For as long as I have been writing about guns and gun laws, I have been saying that even us cops out here in crazy, liberal nut job, anti-gun California are opposed to more gun laws. We see and deal with the results of “gun violence” on a daily basis, and we know that gun laws do not stop “gun crime.”

Despite my constant insistence of this, my claims have been called into doubt by many.

Recently, California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed several new gun control laws. I have also written about those proposed laws extensively and have argued that they will do nothing to curb the violence, and that they will in fact only serve to add another hurdle for law abiding Californians to jump in order for us to take advantage of one of our constitutionally guaranteed rights. In fact, I have repeatedly challenged Newsom to a public debate on the topic. Not surprisingly, he has completely ignored my challenges.

Low and behold, along comes the California State Sheriff’s Association to back me up. They are the organization that represents the actual elected Sheriffs of each county in the state, not us lowly deputies who work for them. They sent a letter to the committee regarding Newsom’s proposed legislation in which they informed the committee that they do not support the proposed law.12804801_10153549956822582_2794520288802301173_n

Not only does the California State Sheriff’s Association not support the proposed law, but they noted specifically :

“…this measure would do little to prevent the criminal element from acquiring guns and ammunition via the black market or through theft. Instead, it would place additional restrictions on law abiding citizens who wish to purchase ammunition for sporting or hunting use, retain guns and magazines that are currently legal for them to possess, and pass historical or family heirloom guns down to their next generation. Effectively, this measure will create a new class of criminals out of those that already comply with common sense practices that now exist.”

Oddly enough, that is exactly what I have been saying since I first read Newsom’s proposed legislation.

Just yesterday, the ultra-liberal Sacramento Bee ran an article in which they discussed this lack of support and even interviewed Newsom. Watch the video that they included. It is an excellent example of how dismissive Newsom is of the opinions of the people whose sole job it is to protect the public, the people who are the actual experts on the “gun crime” the he purports to be attempting to prevent.

Newsom and so many of the other gun grabbing politicians and groups that try to push more gun control all act the same. They totally dismiss the opinions of the actual experts of the topic in which they are trying to inject their will. That behavior seems reminiscent of another category of people in history and I’m drawing a blank on what they are called…

Oh yeah, I remember, they are called Dictators.

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