The UltiClip – A Problem Solver

first published on March 31, 2016 by



Let me be upfront, and perfectly honest, I LOVE this thing!  When I saw the UltiClip, this small, simple, inexpensive item at SHOT Show a few months ago, I got more excited about something like this than a grown man should.

It is the answer to a problem I first encountered a couple of years ago while trying to figure out a good carry solution for my wife, who is a nurse, and wears scrubs to work every day.  For those not familiar with scrubs, they are basically like pajama pants.  No belt or belt loops, so no way to secure a traditional holster.  Even my favorite IWB holsters, with my smallest, lightest guns were not a good option because even though the draw string in the pants would support the minimal weight, it did nothing to retain the holster when you would attempt to draw.  Try as we might, the holster nearly always came out of the pants with the gun when drawing.

At the time, I recall emailing a couple of the smaller holster companies that targeted their products to women shooters asking is they had considered some sort of belt clip that would clamp onto the clothing, but none of them had, or if they had, they did not have a viable option.

Enter the UltiClip!


They have two different versions that are designed to replace the clip on just about any style IWB holster, and both versions retail for $11.99.  On my favorite IWB holsters from StealthGear (Stealthgear AIWB pictured with the UltiClip 3 installed), replacement is as simple as removing and reinstalling a single screw.  Once installed, the holster is worn exactly as it was previously, with one exception, using the clamp on the top of the UltiClip, it secures the holster to your clothing.  And secure the holster it does.  Even pulling directly on the holster and clip, the clip remains securely attached to the clothing to which it is clamped, unless of course you go all Hulk-smash on it.

I’ve been using the UltiClip around the house now for a couple of months, carrying my wife’s Glock 42 in the waistband of my lounging around the house pants without a belt, and it has proven to work perfectly.  In addition to working in my wife’s situation, it is also an excellent option for lightweight summer clothing, such as going to the beach or out riding bicycles, when a belt is just not viable.

The UltiClip is the perfect answer to a problem I personally encountered.  The UltiClip solution is simple, solid, and it actually works as it is advertised.  If you are seeking a solution for a similar problem, or just want your holster held more securely than the over-the-belt style clips can provide, I definitely recommend the UltiClip.