Why This Kid Seriously Messed Up The ‘Thug Life’

first published on March 31, 2016 by


There’s always been a trend where it’s cool to take a picture with your gun for social media. This is not how you want to prove your in with the Thug Life.

A young kid made the conscious decision to take a photograph with a revolver. Apparently it wasn’t quite cool enough with just the handgun alone though. So he grabbed an extended pistol magazine, for an entirely different platform, and decided to snap his sick new profile picture,

Thug Life Original

As soon as this bad-boy hit the internet, his status as a true gangster, and ‘thug life’ aficionado was elevated to an entirely new level. This bathroom selfie went viral, almost as fast as Kim Kardashian nudes, and copy cat ‘Thug Lifers’ started popping up across the internet.

First, Ryan from Life Line Warrior Medicine decided to show his prowess as a gangster. He loaded his hatchet with a fresh belt of ammunition, and took to the internet.
Thug Life Ryan

Then, Ian from Forgotten Weapons strapped up some tape and showed off how the real thugs magazine-belt feed their machine guns.
Thug Life Ian

Last 22plinkster rushed to his bathroom to show how thug he could be. The internet will never be the same for gangsters again.
Thug Life Dave

Here are some of my favorite images that came out of this event that were submitted to us by our fans.

Thug Life 2

Thug Life 3

Thug Life 4

Thug Life 5

Thug Life 1