Press Release: FLUX Defense Raider – PDWs Innovated Forever

first published on September 25, 2020 by


FLUX Defense has just announced their latest and greatest innovation. In the past, we have reviewed both their Glock and SIG variants, and found both platforms to be absolutely amazing. Already, we have had some hands on experience with early models of the FLUX Defense Raider. Our early experience with the system, while limited and fully supervised by the FLUX team, has proven that the newer system is even greater than the original MP17. If you haven’t been keeping your eyes on these guys, you’re truly missing out.

Here’s the full press release from FLUX Defense.

Official Press Release from FLUX Defense.

FLUX Defense Raidr Press Release

Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept 23, 2020 FLUX Defense has released the new MP17 RAIDER. Developed specifically around feedback from Tier 1 units, the new MP17 Raider is stronger and
packed with new features. A revolutionary new reloading system gets you back in the fight faster. The system is compatible with the US Military’s M17/M18 sidearm as well as the Sig™ P320® series of firearms. Simply drop the fire control unit into the system.


  • New advanced injection molded polymer developed to replace metal.
  • New ambi-safety and controls.
  • Flux Speedload System (patent pending) Faster reloads to get you back in the fight. Simply
    press the forward mag button and it drops the rear empty mag and releases the extra mag
    for quick insertion.
  • Flared magwells.
  • 2X QD sling positions.
  • Higher optic height similar to Unity Tactical™ Fast Mount®.
  • Spare red dot battery compartment in brace.
  • Size: 11’’L x 1.7’’W x 6’’H Weight: 18oz (Chassis)

    The use of Sig Sauer™, Sig ™ P320®, M17and other models is merely to advertise the sale of an aftermarket conversion for Sig pistols and the makers of this product are not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by Sig Sauer™ Inc.