Creator Spotlight: The Hungry Handgunner

first published on September 30, 2020 by


We’ve decided that it’s time to start giving our creators a bit of a spotlight. From here on out, at the end of every month, we are going to choose one of our up and coming content creators. With that selection, we are going to conduct an interview with them, and tell you why they’re worth checking out. This month, September 2020, we’ve decided that The Hungry Handgunner is the Full30 Creator of the Month.

It’s not a secret, but without our viewers and our creators Full30 is an empty platform. Each month, our creators upload hundreds of videos. Our viewers bring our creators tens of thousands of views. That said, sometimes smaller creators get skipped over for more familiar faces. That’s why we’re doing this creator spotlight! We wanted to show you why this up-and-coming creator is worth your time.

If you’re not familiar with Hungry Handgunner, here’s the video he’s chosen to put up to showcase his content for you all. We’ll talk a bit more about and to him below.

Creator Spotlight: The Hungry Handgunner.

First and foremost, let’s recognize the fact that Hungry Handgunner is a smaller content creator. Primarily, he focuses down on firearms reviews, accessories, knives, and the preparedness lifestyle. Since his channel’s inception in 2017, his content has grown from written reviews on a self-owned blog, to fully produced videos at the encouragement of both his fans and close friends.

When Nick (Hungry Handguner) started his channel, it was during a period of grief. Shortly after the passing of his father, he needed an outlet. Instead of focusing his emotions into something destructive, he instead moved towards creating. Channeling the energy from his favorite past time with his father, he actively worked towards bettering the firearms community with his content. We hope to see him take his hobby and passion forward into bigger and greater things.

Now, we did manage to get a brief interview with Hungry Handgunner, but it took us a minute. He and I have polar opposite schedules, so we ended up having to settle for a written interview. Here’s the interview in it’s entirety.

Hungry Handgunner Thumbnail

Why do you use Full30?

I enjoy the freedom to truly put out 2A related content to folks who are much more likely to find it useful or appealing than other video hosting sites. I love that I don’t have to worry about the draconian policies over at the OTHER place and am connected with folks who are also into firearms.

What features and upgrades would you like to see on Full30 as a platform?

I think a streamlined monetization process would be beneficial, as well as creator analytics. I would also like to see systems put into place to help smaller creators with discoverability. Other than that, I’m very impressed with Full30. If I had to rate my experience with the platform, I would simply say fantastic. It’s simply an awesome community. Without a doubt, the forum is my absolute favorite feature on the platform currently. I have learned a great deal from folks who have been involved with firearms a lot longer than I’ve been alive.

What is your current EDC Firearm, and why should we go buy one?

Currently I carry an FN 509 Tactical with a Streamlight TLR-7A light, and Holosun 507c Miniature Red Dot. It’s a pretty good “do all” gun. I feel that not only does it make an awesome carry setup, it’s nice being able to use the same pistol for carry and home defense. Good capacity, excellent optics mounting system, superb reliability, and suppressor ready all out of the box.

Where can I Find The Hungry Handgunner?

Hungry Handgunner Shot

If you’re interested in learning more about The Hungry Handgunner, or checking out some of his content, you can find him at the following links. Subscribe to him on Full30 here. Check his YouTube channel out at this link. He’s on IG here, and you can support him through Facebook here.

On that note however, we’re concluding this month’s creator spotlight. Let us know down in the comments, or over on the forums who you would like to learn more about next. This is a new and ever evolving series we hope to expand upon each month. Knowing your creators gives you a much better idea of who you are getting your advice from. Also, it helps us shine a light on creators who may not be getting the algorithmic recognition they deserve for putting in the work. We’ll see you all out there.