MSM Really, Really Stupid on Guns

first published on June 29, 2016 by



The level of stupidity on guns displayed by the media is usually pretty bad, but this “article” is mind numbingly stupid. CBS used searches on Gun Broker to determine what are America’s most popular guns? Yeah, that seems totally scientific.


So, from this article, I should assume that the KelTec PMR30 is more popular than a Glock 19?  Or a 1911?


And the KelTec Sub-2000 is the number 1 rifle? More popular than an AR-15?

Please don’t take these comments to be a negative comment on KelTec, because it is not. It is not at intended that way at all, but to be quite honest, aside from SHOT Show, I’ve never seen either of those guns in the real world; not at a gun store and not at a range. They are popular, but both have limited supply, hence all the searches on Gun Broker.


Pistol Grips??????  Seriously, this is beyond idiotic at this point.  Since when did “pistol grips” become a firearm?  The entire paragraph that accompanies the photo of this UTS-15 shotgun is nothing but hoplophobic gibberish.

These people are complete morons!

Hey, CBS, this one is for you:

This piece by CBS just proves nothing the mainstream media says about guns should be taken seriously, NOTHING.