Fox News, look, you are one of the only mainstream news sources that I routinely turn to, mainly because I cannot stand the ultra-liberal slant pushed by nearly every other “news” agency out there.  That said, for the love of God, would you please, please get someone who is an actual firearms expert, and knowledgeable about police work on your staff!  PLEASE!

It is absolutely embarrassing when you put someone on the national news, call them an expert, and then they say absolutely ridiculous stuff like Jennifer Barringer here.  Seriously, this is so bad, so ridiculously inaccurate that it belongs on the likes of MSNBC.

Then there is this one from a couple years ago.  Much of the original description that appeared on your website now appears to be missing, but if memory serves me correctly, this gentleman is a retired Homicide detective from a major metropolitan police department, I want to say Washington DC Metro or possibly NYPD, but I can’t recall for certain (I’m sure someone who knows will correct me).

His demonstration on camera which you aired, both the physical demonstration of shooting and his very poor choice of words, was mortifying to watch both as a avid shooter and as cop.


Fox, listen, you are a major news outlet, one that many gun owners count on to be a decent source of information for the general, gun knowledge lacking public.  It would behoove you, for the sake of gun owners, cops and the public, to please get someone on staff, or retainer, or some sort of an agreement to be ready to help you put out good info, which both of these examples were most definitely not.  These two examples are like watching a train wreck.

Please!  I beg you.

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