Ten days ago, I wrote about how the California State Sheriff’s Association sent a letter in which they publicly announced that they oppose the new gun control proposals being pushed by California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.  Specifically, they said the following as their reasons for opposing it:

“Unfortunately, this measure would do little to prevent the criminal element from acquiring guns and ammunition via the black market or through theft. Instead, it would place additional restrictions on law abiding citizens who wish to purchase ammunition for sporting or hunting use, retain guns and magazines that are currently legal for them to possess, and pass historical or family heirloom guns down to their next generation. Effectively, this measure will create a new class of criminals out of those that already comply with common sense practices that now exist.”


Well, the Sheriff’s are not the only law enforcement professionals opposing this proposed gun grab by the condescending, dismissive liberal politician.  The California Fish and Game Warden’s Association also sent a letter in which they very clearly sated their opposition to this attempted draconian gun control proposal.

“The CFGWA strongly opposes the ostensibly mis-named ‘Safety for All’ Act ballot initiative of 2016. The stated goals of the Act to “keep our communities safe” and “end gun violence” are of critical concern to all CA law enforcement agencies and officers. However, the proposed changes in the Act will have little bearing on the criminals who commit these atrocities in our great State. Firearms, ammunition, and firearm components do not make decisions to kill; criminals inherently do not abide by any laws or regulations. Therefore, clearly the additional intended criminalization and deterrent effect of this Act were it to pass into law would negatively impact already strictly-bound, lawful, and responsible California firearm owners and users. Conversely, this Act will have absolutely no impact on the behavior, decisions, and violence of criminals who already obtain, use, buy, and sell firearms, ammunition, and components in flagrant and oftentimes tragic disregard of all established laws, regulation, ethics, and safety guidelines.”


Not only are those two associations of law enforcement professionals very clearly opposed to Newsom’s proposals, but so is the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys.  Yes, you read that correctly, even the Deputy DA’s from one of the least gun friendly cities and regions in this gun unfriendly state are opposing the proposed laws.  They too have sent a letter formally opposing Newsom’s initiatives.  In stating their opposition, they said:

“Like other misguided efforts before it, this initiative would make it prohibitively difficult for responsible gun owners to obtain ammunition to use in their firearms for sport, target and home defense.  It would do nothing to stop criminals from getting ammunition or larger capacity magazines.”

The final paragraph of their letter sums it up succinctly.

“In short, this initiative will not stop criminals and it will not stop gun crime.  It will only further penalize responsible gun owners.”


Now, when any reasonable person has multiple groups of subject matter experts in a particular field tell them they are wrong on a topic they are discussing, a normal person, one whose stated goals are sincere (not lies to push their agenda) would, at the very minimum, pause a few moments and consider if their actions are wise.  Has Gavin Newsom done that?  Nope.  In fact, his reaction has been nothing more than a flippant dismissal of the opinions of people far more knowledgeable on topic.

In fact, Newsom’s reactions to the opinions of those subject matter experts tell me several things:

  1. Newsom does not care if his initiative achieves its stated goal; it is more about the agenda than reducing “gun violence,” OR…
  2. Newsom thinks he knows better how to deal with a subject than people who have spent their entire professional lives working in that field, OR…
  3. Newsom does not care what anyone else thinks, and he is willing to push what he wants no matter what.  This last is perhaps the scariest because this sounds strikingly similar to other notable men throughout history, namely dictators, and none of those men are remembered for their good works.

As I have pointed out many times both now and in the past (Dear Lt. Gov. Newsom, Please Leave Crime Prevention to the Pros;  Shocking: Lying Anti-Gun Liar Spouts LiesNewsom – Stupid, Manipulative, or Both?), Newsom does not care about “gun violence,” nor does he care about the truth.  He has repeatedly used blatant lies to try and drum up support for his nightmarish gun control proposals.  He repeatedly has been told by law enforcement professionals that his proposals will do nothing to reduce gun crimes, and in fact will only make it worse.  Not only should you NOT support Gavin Newsom’s proposed gun control laws, but based upon his lies and arrogant attitude, you should not support him in any endeavor, especially not for another political office.

PS. Hey Gavin, my public debate challenge on this topic still stands.

PPS.  Some readers here wonder why I write so much about gun laws in California, and some ask why they should care, commenting along the lines of “who cares, its CA.”  Well, there are several reasons why I care, and why you should too.  I write so much about the gun laws in CA because I am a gun owner, who lives in CA.  In fact, and despite the horrendous amount of gun control laws on the books here, CA has more than 1.9 million legal gun owners.  You should care because what happens here eventually finds, or tries to find, its way to other states.  Gun owners ignoring what happens in CA would be like the US ignoring Cuba in 1962.  All gun owners should care about the gun rights of all other legal gun owners, especially where gun control laws are concerned.  A Supreme Court ruling on a bad law from one state applies equally to all 49 others.  We, as a group, cannot sit by while bad laws are written and passed.  We must stand together and fight.

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