IV8888 Faxon ARAK 21 & AR15 Alternatives

first published on November 29, 2018 by


IV8888 shares some really interesting firearms from all over the world and with a great mix of cutting edge and historical designs.  Featured here, the Faxon ARAK 21 takes the best features of the AR15 and AK style rifles and puts them into one, very slick package.  AK enthusiasts have incorporated AR style features into their beloved Soviet rifles for years now.  Also rifles like the CMMG Mutant have crossed AK mags and features into the AR world with surprising success; a feat which almost every other manufacturer that attempted to do so had failed miserably at.  The Faxon rifle is one that I can see really gaining popularity with American shooters because of its “best of both worlds” features.  

While new and exciting designs like the ARAK are always fun to see how they fare in the enormous market for semi auto platforms, I see many of these designs as being something that is popular only because it isn’t just another AR15.  At the end of the day the AR is the gold standard against which all other designs are aiming at competing with in the US market especially.  Most shooters’ needs would be far exceeded if they only were able to own a Glock 19 and a well put together AR.  Millions of gun owners own that exact combination and trust their lives with them, and rightfully so. 

Variety is the spice of life however, and the gun culture is all about that heat.  The AR15 is truly America’s rifle (sorry M1a fans), and even though there are really incredible gas guns on the market today which preform exceptionally, the AR still reigns supreme.  I think its awesome to invest in a collection of various designs, I am guilty of that myself. 

The reality is though, there isn’t much out there that meets or exceeds what a relatively plain AR can do.  The mind blowing part about the AR market today is how remarkably affordable they have become.  A serviceable AR today can be had for under $1000; a price point that would seem like a scam just a few short years ago.  I say a serviceable AR, only because you still do get what you pay for, and the best quality options out there still fetch near the high end of that price point, and usually even a bit more.  I would venture to say that we have entered the golden age of the AR15.  Alternatives are being cranked out left and right, and the race to the top is more intense than ever, but for the time being the AR still reigns supreme.