FFA Tippmann Rifle Review, 22lr Training/Fun

first published on November 27, 2018 by


It is darn near impossible to not have fun plinking away with a .22lr of any variety.  Put it into a great looking AR form that looks and feels much like its 5.56 parent, and you’ve really got my attention. 

Now, I won’t name names, but there have been a lot of examples of this concept that I have been woefully unimpressed by.  I’d dare say some of them, even from major manufacturers, have been total junk.  To se that Tippmann has entered into the firearms market is surprising to me, but I can’t say I hate the idea.  I will have to walk from our office over to Florida Firearms Academy and try it for myself one of these days to get that particular gun out on the range. 

Really, there aren’t many, if any, better options out there to serve as a training tool for new or young shooters than one of these AR pattern 22s.  They offer all of the usual benefits of the AR platform only with the added bonus of wonderfully inexpensive ammo, and the smile inducing effects of shooting a 22.  For years and years, military recruits, boy scouts, school rifle clubs like I belonged to in high school, 4-H programs, etc all put a 22 rifle into the hands of beginner shooters, and I’d venture to guess most shooters in general have started out plinking away with a rimfire of some variety. 

Guns like this Tippmann have become wildly popular in recent years, and its not hard to see why!  For the longest time, it was the cool thing to do to take something like a Ruger 10/22 and drop the barreled action into some contraption to make it into the tacticool 22 that people are so fond of.  Today, purpose built AR (and others like MP5) style rimfire rifles are much closer to the look and feel of their parent designs than previously possible with the older conversion methods.  These new designs are a great way to get new shooters interested in the sport and are a ton of fun for even the most experienced shooters.