Highly effective body armor has been around for quite some time now.  Only recently has that also come with the benefit of weight that wont immediately ruin your knees and back.  New materials have made some truly incredible advancements in ballistic protection, making for helmets and protective plates that are capable of stopping multiple rounds from even high power rifle rounds.  In this video from Buffman-RANGE, this level IV armor from Militech performs impressively for a Made in China product.  

In the world of modern preparedness, civilians owing body armor of some type, is rapidly becoming less of a novelty unfortunately.  At the very least a ballistic panel stuffed into a book bag or laptop case is an inexpensive and low profile form of peace of mind should you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Plate carriers laden with rifle rated armor plates might be a bit overkill, but in the name of preparedness, I couldn’t possibly say you shouldn’t at least consider stashing a plate or two with your emergency supplies.  It is for sure one of those pieces of gear that you will likely never need, but would wish you had should, God forbid, you ever find yourself in that terrible situation.  As a side note, a comfortable plate carrier does really add an interesting twist to your regular workout routine which is probably the most use anyone will get out of them, so its something to keep in mind for sure.  

Lighter and stronger armored products are coming out regularly and in very creative forms marketed towards the prepared civilian.  In an increasingly uncertain world, there are no “armor free zones” and gun free zones still, for whatever reason, continue exist.  If you’re not legally allowed to protect yourself with a firearm, giving yourself a form of passive defense like a ballistic panel of some variety is something I’d urge people to strongly consider adding into their EDC.

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