Small Arms Solutions Featuring Jeff Hoffman-Black Hills Ammunition: Small Business; Big Innovation

first published on November 27, 2018 by



In this video from Small Arms Solutions, Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition gives tremendous insight into the development of several of their ammunition designs, and their journey through being awarded government contracts. 

There are a lot of really great ammo companies out there today, but Black Hills has always been amongst the cream of the crop, and just by listening to Jeff in this short interview it is obvious why that is the case. 

Black Hills may be a relatively small manufacturer by industry standards, but they have achieved incredible feats regardless.  When you can step into the ring with enormous competition and come out victorious with something as incredible as a contract with the US Military, you know you’re doing everything exactly right. 

Other companies like Hornady have really been killing the game lately with the development of new and exciting products that have changed the ammunition industry as a whole.  Before this interview, I was admittedly previously unaware of all of the R&D that Black Hills had done for these government contracts mentioned.  What is impossible to overlook and ignore is their consistent dedication to offering the best possible product to shooters of all varieties. 

Accuracy, consistency, reliability, dependability, are a lot of times on an up and down basis with even some of the most popular ammunition companies.  Very rarely can you count on all of the desirable qualities you look for in a round to be at the very best possible.  With Black Hills, you can bet the farm that you are getting the very best.  I grew up looking up to AMU marksmen.  If Black Hills ammunition is good enough for them, that says it all to me.

Now, the average American shooter doesn’t have much use for specialty rounds that are safe for a shoot house, and still holds 1MOA accuracy, and are perfectly ok with going through a few hundred rounds of steel cased blasting ammo at soda bottles or zombie targets.  Shooters that don’t have the time or space to handload custom ammunition for specialty purposes or for match grade accuracy are very lucky to have a company like Black Hills to rely on for their ammunition needs.  It was wonderful to hear, first hand, from a guy that “gets it” and is enjoying hard earned success.  I am nearly complete with a custom AR10 build, and after watching this interview, I think some Black Hills 308 will be showing up at my doorstep soon!