Reflex Sights are all the rage in the firearms industry right now. These tiny optics are perfect for handguns, SBRs and backup rifle sights. The Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight is no exception, so we thought it was time we got out a review and put our thoughts on the product out for the world to see.

If you’re a TL;DR kind of person, then read here. This budget optic simply works. It’s durable, and will fill the reflex sight gap in your life. If you need more than just that to make a decision, read on.

Reflex Sights vs Iron Sights.

Iron Sights vs Reflex Sights

There’s a ton of science that could be put here, but we’ll try to spare you from the jargon. A reflex sight is intended for ease of use and fast target acquisition under stress. Iron Sights take a lot more training, and are slower to pick up a proper sight picture. There is also more room for error with iron sights, as the shooter has to keep track of both the rear and front-sights in order to maintain a proper sight picture. Not a problem that exists when all you need to use the reflex sight is place the reticle on target.

While experienced shooters can obtain fantastic results with both types of sight, the reflex sight is both easier and faster to use for the less experienced shooter. A lot of factors have to be taken into account here, and a case could be made that the iron sights will yield better results for the more experienced marksman. For the inexperienced shooter however, the reflex sight makes life a lot easier.

That said, we’re firm believers that reflex style sights are the future of modern shooting, and therefore are worth having as the technology will only improve.

Meet the Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight.

If you’ve been eyeballing a reflex sight for your handgun or AR pistol, chances are you’ve come across this thing. The Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight is one of the best budget options that currently exists in the reflex sight market. Out of the box, this thing comes ready to put onto any pistol with a reflex sight cut, and has a myriad of other mounting options available.

Boasting ten daylight and two night vision brightness settings, this parallax free optic is ready for just about anything you can toss at it. Also, there is a solar fail safe dual power system included that boasts up to a maximum of 200,000 hours of battery life with the dot reticle on brightness setting five. That said, a more realistic expectation with regular use in daylight settings is around 10,000 hours of battery life, which is still 416 days of run-time.

If you’re like us, you probably enjoy seeing several reviews of a product before you purchase it. Here’s a solid video review of the Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight from The Gun Collective. Also, if you’d like to see a review of the HS407C which is a very similar optic that generally runs at a lower price point, you check this link.


Light Source    LED
Reticle    2MOA Dot & 32MOA Ring
Parallax Free    Yes
Unlimited Eye Relief    Yes
Magnification    1x
Multi-Coatings    Yes
Integrated Laser    No
Battery Type   CR2032
Battery Life   Up to 100,000 Hours
Brightness Setting   10 Daylight & 2 NV Compatible
Housing Material   7075 Aluminum
Surface Finish   Hard Anodized
Housing Color   Black
Adjustment per Click   0.5 MOA
W&E Travel Range   ±40 MOA
Storage Temperature   -40℉ – 158℉
Working Temperature   -22℉ – 140℉
Submersion   IPX8
Vibration   Up to 5000G
Window Size   0.63in x 0.91in
Dimension (in)   1.8 x 1.2 x 1.6
Weight (oz)   2.65
Central Height (in)   0.7

Range Performance.

Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight

We ran our Holosun reflex sight on the MP17 system from Flux Defense. On the MP17, mounting is simple as there is a small plate designed specifically for reflex sights located on the top of the system. The primary firearm we did all of our testing on was the Sig P320 X5 system converted with the MP17. Our results were pretty fantastic.

Of the three reticle options available, we found the circle with dot option to be best. This will always be an individual preference thing, but it’s worth noting before we move on. 9mm was the only ammunition type we cycled through the optic.

The parallax free nature of the reflex sight made the reticle easy to acquire and use. For the duration of our testing, we experienced zero durability or reliability issues from the Holosun. In total, it took us 12 rounds to zero the optic, and it held zero at an indoor range after it was taken off-site to be fired in the cold weather. We also conducted a number of drop tests, and nothing made that zero budge.

All in all, we were very pleased with the performance of the Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight during our range tests. It’s almost too easy to recommend this product to someone who is looking to get involved in the reflex sight space.

Our Recommendations For Use.

We can only make so many recommendations for use on a product like this. Many individuals will find a varying number of uses for the product, and as a result they will find varying degrees of success. Our recommendation is this: Use the Holosun to fill the reflex sight gap in your life, whatever that may be.

This is the perfect optic for your every day carry handgun, or for any AR/AK Pistol. You could also reliably use this as a back-up or canted weapon sight on a full size rifle. With the price point as well, there is no reason you couldn’t have multiples of this optic filling the reflex sight task on several different weapons.

Let us know down in the comments how you’re using yours.

Final Thoughts on the Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight.

Holosun HS507C Reflex Sight Flux

Coming in at a whopping $355 MSRP on the high-end of the price spectrum, you’re getting a lot of little optic for your dollar here. In our every day use of the HS507C Reflex Sight from Holosun, we found no outstanding issues that would prevent us from recommending this optic. It comes in a lot cheaper than the competition, and accomplishes the same tasks of those higher-price point optics. You can definitely buy in confidence with this.

That’s just our opinion though, and we’re only a small group of individuals testing a singular product. As a community it’s a lot easier to get a grip on the quality of a product as the results of the many will outweigh the results of the few. Let us know down in the comments if you’ve had any issues with your Holosun reflex sight, and we may just re-visit this review in the future.

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