… and as a California residing gun nut, I can’t say as I blame them, not in the least.

Living in California sucks for many reasons, but it especially sucks for gun owners/buyers. The California “Safe” Handgun List is yet another form of backdoor gun control, in a state rife with gun control laws.

If a new pistol is going to be sold to the public, it must appear on that list. Last year two manufacturers, Smith & Wesson and Ruger, publicly stated they will no longer submit guns to the state for testing. That testing is required every two years and for every single model variant (colors, stainless vs. black or blued, barrel length, etc). As a CA gun nut, I do not blame the manufacturers one single bit for refusing to play CA’s games.

Well now it appears that Colt just joined the ranks of manufacturers no longer playing CA’s games.  According to an article over at Bearing Arms, it looks like in the next 60 days, the entire line of Colt 1911’s, with the exception of only one model, will no longer be available in the “Golden State.”

Good for Colt! Bad for those of us residing in this commie state…

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