Hickok45 Presents the Glock45. Perfecting perfection?

first published on December 10, 2018 by


Lately, Glock has been releasing new features and models that have both thrilled and disappointed shooters in the market for the latest and greatest handgun on the market.  The 19X left Glock fans that have wanted a 17 length slide on a 19 frame scratching their heads.  The MOS line fell right in line with the trend of slide mounted red dot sights.  It doesn’t have the best mounting features on the market, but Glock at least jumped on the wagon there.  Then, with the advent of the Gen 5 models and ultimately the G45, heads started spinning.  So its their 45th patent? Oh, its a Glock 45? No, its a 9mm.  So its just a black version of the 19X? Well, no, it takes different mags and parts, but it’s close. Got it. Or do I?

Regardless of the mass confusion surrounding it, one thing is for certain: it works beautifully as Glocks are famous for doing.  Now, I have always been a huge proponent for Glocks, but this isn’t a fanboy post, or at least I don’t intend it to be.  Love them or hate them, their track record and reputation are irrefutable.  Glock seems to work in mysterious ways when it comes to new releases though.  The Gen4 was peculiar with the release of the RTF grip surfaces and keeping the finger grooves around that a lot of people never really loved.   The RTF was later changed slightly to make it a little less aggressive.  The guide rod was changed up from the original as well, which didn’t make a huge difference I guess because both designs work fine, so its just different.  

As Hickok45 points out in his video, there are little things here and there that are different amongst the latest models, and there is a lot to like about each one.  Small criticisms can be had about the newest offerings from Glock, and I think that even though their pistols have all been great in their own right so far, their best is still yet to come.  To their great advantage, as better manufacturing processes develop, and quality of materials improve, their design is already one of, if not the best there is. That is, unless you ask SIG about how the Army contract wars panned out! Hard to leave that pot unstirred for too long.