Mandatory Insurance Being Considered For L.A. County Gun Owners

first published on December 16, 2015 by



If the opening sentence from this LA Times article does not convince you that anti-gun politicians have got some serious screws loose, nothing will.

“In the wake of the terrorist attacks that killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Los Angeles County officials are considering toughening local gun regulations, including a possible requirement for gun owners to buy insurance.”

Are these people freaking serious?  How does one remotely attempt to make this gigantic leap of logic?  These people are complete lunatics!!!  They are seriously trying to use a terrorist attack, in a gun free zone no less, to justify requiring gun owners to buy some new type of insurance, that coincidentally DOES NOT EVEN EXIST, in an attempt to reduce gun accidents, because they freely admit this would not even have an effect on gun crime.

“The supervisors voted Tuesday to ask county lawyers, public safety and mental health officials to report back on proposed gun control measures along with other options to ‘further prevent violence and improve safety in the workplace and public settings.'”

Here, let me save you folks some time and money.  Here are the solutions to your questions:

  1. Quit decriminalizing crimes (Prop 47)
  2. Quit shortening sentences and releasing convicts (AB 109)
  3. Prosecute violators for existing gun crimes.  STOP PLEA BARGAINING AWAY THE GUN CHARGES!
  4. Eliminate “gun free zones” because they DO NOT WORK!
  5. Issue CCW’s and allow law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves and those around them!

It is not rocket science! Look at what has been working in other places around the country.  The logic-disconnect and sheer intellectual  dishonesty of the anti-gun folks is staggering.