IWI ACE Recall for possible NFA issues

first published on December 23, 2015 by


ACE pistol machine gun pin hole

Today IWI U.S. issued a recall for their 7.62×39 ACE pistol. The notification was sent to all distributors of IWI products.

To whom it may concern:

 Following our email of yesterday, we are instituting a recall of all GAP39 pistols.

 Please pack up and return all GAP39 firearms in your inventory to IWI US. You can ship freight collect (YRC preferred).

 Additionally, we will need you to provide us with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all FFL Dealers and/or individuals that you sold to. We will contact them with instructions on returning guns in their inventory to IWI US along with enlisting their support in contacting all consumers for return of the guns to IWI US.

 Full credit will be given for your returns while dealers and consumers will receive a full refund with submission of receipt copies.

 It would be in everyone’s best interest to contact these dealers ASAP.

 FYI, this is not a safety related recall, but a possible NFA violation that must be corrected.

 We appreciate your support and understanding in assisting us with all facets of this recall.

The letter alludes to a possible NFA issue with the guns. I spoke with IWI this morning and it seems that they discovered a problem with the receiver and immediately notified the BATF. After notifying the BATF of the potential problem they moved to quickly institute a recall of the pistols. The BATF has not yet ruled on the matter. Given it’s the week of Christmas we’re not likely to hear from them until after the first of the year.

IMG_8921 copy

Upon close examination of the ACE I have here at the shop, it would seem that the potential issue is the presence of a pin hole that would be used to hold an auto sear on a machine gun. Internally I do not see the necessary cuts in the rail to allow for the installation of machine gun parts into the gun. However, the ATF has long held that the presence of a “3rd pin hole” in an AK type firearm constitutes a full-auto receiver.

We will have to wait until more information is made available before we know the fate of these pistols. Meanwhile, if you have one of these firearms you need to contact your FFL dealer where you purchased it immediately. If the BATF deems these to be machine guns they will mandate their surrender.

UPDATE POSTED HERE: https://blog.full30.com/iwi-ace-pistol-recall-update/