The Enemy Within

first published on December 17, 2016 by


Folks, I am about as pro-gun as it gets.  I love guns, I love shooting them, I love watching videos of people shooting them.  I love full-auto guns and I love bump fire weapons.  Hell, I’m not even opposed to pissing off the anti-gun movement, people and organizations.

What I am opposed is to people on our side doing stupid stuff that is just handing the anti-gunners ammo to use against us.  Take for instance this video that was shared on Facebook.  Pay special attention to the captions included with the video.
(Please Note:  I am not sharing the actual video, or links to it, because I don’t want them to get any additional views)

bump fire

I can only assume that if you are reading this, you likely know a thing or two about guns and you also know the difference between bump fire and full-auto.  However, on the off chance that a reader stumbled onto this and doesn’t know the difference, which is significant, let me clarify.

Bump fire is most definitely NOT full-auto.  Full-auto is a function of the trigger mechanism and it means that the gun fires multiple rounds as long as the trigger is pulled, and continues to fire until the trigger is released or until the ammo supply runs out.  On the other hand, bump fire is a way of firing a gun that increases the rate of fire, BUT most notably, only one (1) round is fired for every single trigger pull.  It is entirely possible to bump fire a bone stock gun, one not equipped with a bump fire stock, it is just not as easy.

Folks, making and sharing videos like the one above, with the captions that are included with it, does absolutely nothing to help the constant fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights.  In fact, many bad, anti-gun laws have been passed based on bad info that originated in movies, such as the ban on armor piercing bullets (“cop killers” – Lethal Weapon 3) and the undetectable firearms act that banned non-existent guns (“porcelain Glock 7” – Die Hard 2).

The info that anti-gunners use to get gun bans passed does not need to based on reality, only on the perception of reality.  Please, stop giving those who seek to infringe on our rights ammo to use against us!