I was not much of a comic book reader as a kid. I think in my lifetime, I have owned maybe three comic books, and none of them were Captain America, but when the Captain America: The First Avenger came out, I absolutely loved his character. He exhibited all the things that made America great. Besides all the character traits, he wore a red, white and blue outfit, had a 1911 in a holster on his hip and had access to a Thompson, and he used them. The guns were not just a part of his costume, he picked them up and shot bad guys. He was a true American Bad Ass!*


Through the evolution of the Captain America and Avengers movies, they lost that. He no longer wears a gun.  He lost it after the first movie.  He doesn’t even carry one at all, even when he knows he is going into combat (just plain stupid) and from what I saw in Captain America: Civil War yesterday, it appears Captain America is now just another blithering idiot when it comes to guns.

Do you remember a few years back when the media said the Washington Navy Yard suspect was armed with an AR-15, but it turns out he was actually armed with a pump shotgun? Well, it appears Captain America is just as stupid as the media when it comes to guns.

Good action scene, lots of violence, good guys win, but the part I am writing about, more anti-gun propaganda drivel designed to demonize America’s rifle, the AR-15.

Captain America: “…body armor, AR-15’s, I make seven hostiles…”

The only problem, not a single hostile is holding an AR-15, not one!  Pay attention to their guns and watch that clip again.



Now, they are all carrying various assault rifles (actual select fire, legit assault rifles), but not a single AR-15 anywhere. This is just another example of the media hype about the evilness of an AR-15. Not only do I have to listen to this crap on the news and in TV shows, but now you leftist, anti-gun liberal nutbags are screwing up Captain Freaking America?!?!


* I have seen countless comments on Facebook stating that my knowledge of Captain America from his comic book days is severely lacking, which I am pretty sure I already stated myself.  That said, to clarify what I have recently been educated about, apparently post-WWII, Cap is rarely seen with a gun so his lack of one on his hip is consistent with the comics.

Now, his lack of carrying a gun still does not forgive his (the writer’s, not the actor’s or the character’s) inaccurate labeling of the “AR-15.”  Passing this off as a “production mistake” ignores the left’s consistent, persistent demonization of the AR-15.  Don’t kid yourselves, it was intentional.

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