SIM-X Ammo – Is The Future of Ammunition Right Now?

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Being in the review space sometimes has some awesome perks. Like, for example, sometimes I get invited out to new companies to preview their products. Then, those companies let me leave their facility with some of their items to share with my friends. SIM-X Ammo is one such company that not only let me demo their brand new ammo, they gave me the honor of being the first person to leave their facility with some.

We took that ammo out to the range, and tested it with several different shooters. We also got a slew of testing data straight from their initial data testing. Here’s everything you need to know about SIM-X Ammo.

What Makes SIM-X Ammo Different?

When it comes to innovation in the gun industry, you have to ask yourself this question. What makes this company different than its two hundred competitors. For SIM-X, this is too easy.

Their ammunition is lighter and lead free, without sacrificing any of the ammunition’s performance. They’ve achieved this by using a proprietary synthetic core inside of a precision alloy jacket. The result? A round that is lighter, and safer to shoot indoors.

Meet SIM-X Ammunition.

SimX Ammo Meet

Believe it or not, this company has been around in Northern Salt Lake since 2013. They were founded after the creator of the ammunition stumbled across the formula while trying to create a lead free ammunition that would allow him to shoot and train more often. Since their inception, they have gone through many iterations, finally landing on the formula they are at today.

In a nutshell, they have created a sub-mass, hyper-velocity ammunition with performance recoil that just happens to be lead free. Currently at the time of this writing, they have 9mm and .40 ready for production with their .45 ACP in its final rounds of beta testing. They have also show-cased .50 AE on their Instagram page, and we’re hoping really soon to see some rifle caliber ammunition too.

Keep reading, we got to test this stuff first hand, and we are believers.

Current SIM-X Ammo Published Ammo Specs.

SimX Ammo Specifics

SIM-X Ammo on the Range.

So, I’ve actually had two opportunities to test this ammunition. Once in a controlled test environment at the SIM-X facility, and again in an uncontrolled environment at TNT Guns and Range. I was the first person outside of their company to ever leave their facility with a few boxes of their ammunition. As a result, we were able to get multiple shooters behind their 9mm, .40, and the beta test .45ACP ammunition across several different platforms.

At their facility, I fired all three calibers through the following platforms. The Sig P938, a Kimber 1911, and the Glock 22. It was an interesting experience, because when I arrived I wasn’t expecting us to shoot the ammo there. The ammunition type however easily allows for SIM-X to set up an indoor range right at their facility. I was completely surprised when all of the snap from my Sig P938 was eliminated.

A test environment with only a few rounds however isn’t enough to get a solid review on the ammo. So when I left, I asked if I could take a few boxes with me. SIM-X didn’t even hesitate. I left their facility with one box of 9mm, one box of .40, and half a box of their beta test .45 ACP ammunition. Not a significant amount, but definitely enough for us to get the initial impressions of multiple shooters. A few weeks later we got out on the range with our shooters, and ran this stuff through some testing.

Our Opinion on the 9mm.

We had four different shooters use the 9mm. We didn’t have a whole ton of it, so we split it up between everyone. Our testing process was pretty non-scientific and applies to each caliber. Mostly, we’ll just be discussing our initial impressions.

We loaded five rounds of standard ball ammunition, followed by five rounds of SIM-X Range Core. All shooters fired through a custom Glock 19, Canik TP9 Elite SC, and the Sig P320 X5 dropped into the Flux Defense MP17 system.

Felt recoil on each firearm was drastically reduced, and all shooters agreed that the reduction in recoil was somewhere between half and one third. Interestingly enough, the Flux Defense system is where the reduction in recoil seemed to have the most impact on the shooters. To describe it, the only comparison I can make is that shooting SIM-X through the Flux MP17 was a lot like shooting a star cut-out gun at the county fair. Recoil was almost non-existent there.

Our Opinion on the .40.

So, I’m not going to lie to you here. .40 is probably one of my least favorite calibers in the entire handgun space. On that note, we only had one .40 cal pistol available for our range testing, and that was an old Sig P226 that I purchased somewhere around 2012. That said, the general consensus between all shooters was also that there was a significant reduction in recoil. Also, the weight reduction for each round made the massive Sig P226 feel lighter than normal when fully loaded. Huge bonus if you’re familiar with the heft of that beastly handgun.

We’d love to get the SIM-X ammo and run it through a few more firearms in the future. That said, this stuff almost made my retired police issue Sig P226 bearable. Maybe I’m just spoiled, because I think I’m the only one that doesn’t really like the feel of that handgun.

Our Opinion on the .45 ACP.

Now, we only had a half of a box of this stuff. We ran it through an M&P .45 Shield. It’s also worth noting that the ammunition we fired was literally the beta test ammunition that SIM-X Ammo had just recently gotten in. We did experience two dead primers from that batch, but we were told to expect that because SIM-X had been having issues with that particular batch. We won’t hold those dead primers against them. These things happen in the loading industry.

This stuff, is some of the most promising ammunition I have ever fired. There is a significant reduction in the overall weight of the ammo. Each magazine feels far lighter than a standard magazine, and the reduction in recoil is also a huge plus. I like .45 ACP already, but with the SIM-X ammo I would probably even consider changing my carry pistol. There isn’t really an adequate way to describe the SIM-X .45. You just have to shoot it once to understand.

What’s Next for SIM-X Ammo?

SimX Ammo Range

We’re not entirely sure what’s next for SIM-X Ammo in the near future. We hope to see their ammunition popping up locally in a lot of stores. On top of this, I’m hoping to see SIM-X start developing a more and more diverse line out of ammunition. If SIM-X starts producing rifle caliber ammunition within the next twelve months, they’ll be poised to change the shooting space significantly, both in the sports shooting world, and at scale if they can get the military to adopt it.

Aside from the reduction in recoil, one of the biggest strengths to this ammo is the overall reduction in weight. One of the limiting factors for our troops overseas is how much ammunition they can carry on their person. One up this again by knowing that a lot of air-frames are limited by their ammunition carry capacity more than their fuel consumption. SIM-X solves this problem easily by reducing the weight of each projectile by up to 80%.

Final Thoughts on SIM-X Ammo.

Paul on the Range

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with SIM-X Ammo so far. While they aren’t fully on the market, they are expanding and growing as a company every day. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit their webpage here. They’re also on Instagram and Facebook. We highly suggest keeping up with their Instagram feeds, because they just recently released footage of them testing .50 AE at their facility. We look forward to watching this company grow, and providing them with feedback that will help them make better ammunition.

What’s your thought on this type of ammunition? Would you be interested in giving it a shot? Let us know down in the comments section below, we love to hear from you guys. We also get the feeling that SIM-X may be watching, and might also reply to some of your questions if you ask early enough.