If you’re in the Salt Lake City area of Utah, and looking for a solid range, we have the answer. TNT Guns and Range is a firearm enthusiast’s playground that has everything you need for a solid day of indoor shooting. Located at 5669 Commerce Dr, Murray, UT 84107, they’re about a fifteen minute drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport depending on traffic.

Let’s get into what this facility is, and what you can accomplish there.

TNT Guns and Range Facility Breakdown.

TNT Guns and Range is one of the most diverse and capable firearms ranges in the Salt Lake area. Regardless if you are looking to make a purchase, get a firearm repaired, have a solid burger or have a good day shooting, there is something for you.

On top of having all of the latest and greatest firearms available for purchase, TNT has a plethora of shooting options. If you are visiting on a weekend, we strongly suggest calling ahead before you visit. This will help you avoid an unnecessary wait, as they do get quite busy. You can see what kind of stuff is available at TNT below.

25-Yard Range.

TNT Guns and Range 25-yard Range

A true staple of any good indoor shooting range is the 25-yard range. TNT has fifteen private 75-square-foot booths inside of their 25-yard range. Each booth is equipped with a range controlling device that allows the shooter to set the range they would like to shoot at. This is the most common range that we use at their facility. We have never been sent to a booth that had any issues, and each is always immaculate.

If you visit on a weekend, there may be a short wait to get inside of a booth. The standard charge is $15 per hour of booth time with an additional $7 per extra shooter. If you are a member of the annual club however, you do not pay a charge to use the 25 or 100-yard range.

The 25-yard range is rated up to .50 BMG. You are not allowed to shoot steel core or incendiary rounds for obvious reasons.

100-Yard Range.

TNT Gun Range 100-Yard Range

Now, the 100-yard range is where we start to step outside of the norms. At TNT, there is more than just a 25-yard indoor shooting range. Here, you are able to rent out a 100-yard lane that is absolutely perfect for getting a solid zero on any weapon. In total, TNT has 5 100-yard indoor shooting lanes. Each lane is equipped with a private 85-square foot booth, and Action Target’s AWD retrieval system which offers 27 different scenarios and games.

The total cost to rent out one of these lanes for an hour is $20. You will also pay an additional $7 per shooter who shares the booth with you. You are able to fire up to .50 BMG in each lane, with the same restrictions as the pistol range present here. No steel core ammunition. No incendiary rounds.

Indoor Clay Pigeon Range.

Indoor Clay Pigeon Range

You did not mis-read that. TNT has one of the very few indoor clay pigeon ranges in the world present at their location. This massive indoor range was the first of its kind in the United States. If you are going here on a weekend during the winter to shoot clays, prepare for something of a wait. It’s absolutely worth it though to get inside one of their six 100-square foot private booths.

In order to get on the indoor clay pigeon range, it will cost you $30 per half hour. All pigeons are included with your purchase. You will however, need to use TNT’s ammunition for safety reasons.

We’ve tested a number of competition shotguns inside of this range, and you always find yourself wanting one more pull before you leave.

If your new to skeet shooting, we highly recommend this excellent guide from GunMade.com.

Gun Shop Review.

TNT Guns and Range Shop

TNT truly is a firearm enthusiast’s playground. As soon as you walk into the store, you are greeted with a massive selection of firearms and accessories. The staff behind the counter are also extremely knowledgeable.

In fact, when we bought our Sig P320 X5 to drop into the MP17, one of their staff members worked with me for close to an hour trying to get the magazine release out of the weapon’s lower receiver. When between the two of us we weren’t able to get it done, he took the weapon back to their gunsmith who also took a crack at it.

With a staff like that, you know you’re in good hands. So, if you’re looking to make your first in-person firearms purchase, we definitely recommend coming here. The staff will shoot you in the right direction, and take care of you after the purchase is complete. You won’t find that at your local big box chain selling firearms straight off the rack.

.357 Burgers Review.

TNT Guns and Range .357 Burgers

Alright, picture this. It’s Saturday. Noon. The range is packed. You have a thirty-minute wait before you can get out on the skeet range with your buddy, and you’re hungry. At TNT, you don’t have to drive to a nearby restaurant to get lunch and risk losing your seat in line. .357 Burgers is on site with a full kitchen that is completely capable of making you some tasty burgers.

How tasty are the burgers you ask? Pretty damn tasty actually. We’re not a food reviewing web-page, but if we had to rate the burgers at .357 we would give them a solid 5/5. They also have killer milk-shakes, which kind of random. I doubt I’ll ever get to review another restaurant for the duration of my tenure reviewing firearms and ranges.

Other Things TNT Guns and Range can Facilitate.

TNT Guns and Range Conference Room

TNT has a ton of capabilities that can help support firearm enthusiasts. On top of having three killer ranges, a full gun shop, and a burger-joint, they also have a gunsmith. On top of this, they are fully capable of supporting companies who wish to have a team building day with their conference room. If your company rents the conference room, .357 Burgers can also provide you with catering. We might be using this in the near future, so keep an eye out.

Also, there is a number of firearm rentals available at TNT, as well as instructional courses that will help you improve as a shooter. Full-auto weapons and even a .50 BMG Sniper Rifle are all on the list of firearms you can rent. You can find a complete list of their capabilities by clicking this link.

Final thoughts on TNT Guns and Range in Salt Lake City.

All in all, TNT is a killer place to go in Salt Lake City. We have been using this range as our go-to location for the past few months, and it has never failed to impress us. If you’re in the Salt Lake area, and you’re looking to hit up the range, we highly recommend checking out TNT Guns and Range. At the very least, don’t knock indoor clay pigeon shooting until you’ve given it a shot. It’s a heck of a lot of fun.

If you’ve been to TNT and have had a different experience than us, we want to hear about it. Also, shoot us some recommendations for other ranges that we should review in the future. If we’re in your area, we might link up and get some shooting in. We’ll see you guys out there!

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