Technology is an ever advancing and evolving field in today’s world. If you can think of it, some developer is finding a way to make a computer do it. The Mantis X10 Elite is that solution for the sports shooting world. Wrapping up thousands of data points for your firing, and giving you instant feedback through a mobile app is no small feat, but MantisX thinks they may have the solution.

That said, technology can be a fickle and difficult thing to work with. How does the Mantis X10 Elite stack up against having an actual firearms instructor? Well, I’ve done a lot of real world training with instructors, and their training and experience is almost impossible to beat. I’ve also spent the last month working with the Mantis X10, which has exponentially improved my shooting. Here’s a complete review of how I believe the Mantis stacks up.

App with Target MantisX

Can Technology Improve our Shooting?

First and foremost, I need to talk about this. As stated earlier, technology is always advancing. With each new technological advance, tools that improve our every-day lives continue to be produced. That said, it will always be best to get real live training from a professional coach or instructor. You simply cannot beat having a subject matter expert teaching you the skills you are trying to master.

In the absence of an instructor however, technology can become our new best friend. The problem with instructors is two fold. They cost both time, yours and theirs, as well as money. Technology is generally a one-time investment. Once you’ve made that investment, now the only missing piece is time. Time that is easy to find when it is only one person who has to make the scheduling, and that’s you.

Enter the Mantis X10 Elite. A tool that you can put on the end of your firearm to get instant training feedback through both dry and live fire training. It is my opinion that not only is technology the future of firearms training, it is also the perfect middle-ground for self-improvement. It is difficult to improve if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Technology can take input from subject matter experts, and provide you feedback for when you are training in the absence of a subject matter expert.

In short, yes, technology can improve your shooting. You just have to accept the feedback and implement it in your own training regimen.

Meet the Mantis X10 Elite.

Mantis X10 Elite Range Handguns

The Mantis X10 Elite is the top of the line MantisX training tool. It is capable of recording shots on pistols, rifles, shotguns, and bows all in real-time. In the process of recording these shots, it provides the user with instantaneous feedback on every shot, dry or live, and instructs the user on how to improve the placement of each of those shots. If you’d like a more complete list of what each of the MantisX products are capable of doing, you can check out their product comparison list at this link.

Device and Product Information.

  • MSRP: $249.99
    Comes With:

  • Mantis X10 Elite Sensor.
  • BR7 Barrel Mount Picatinny Rail for Rifles and Shotguns.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • Mantis X10 Case + Foam Insert.
  • Quick Start Insert with Instructions for Mobile App.
  • Dimensions: 1.3″ x 1″ x 0.75″ LxWxH.

    How the Mantis X10 Elite Works.

    This is probably one of the most important parts of this entire review. If we didn’t take the time to properly explain how this technology worked, then you’d literally be using the tool thinking it operated off of pure magic. Honestly, that’s kind of what we thought of the device the first few hours we had it out of the box for dry-fire at the office.

    Here’s the deal. The Mantis X10 Elite is a forward mounted accessory. It attaches to the accessory rail of most handguns, or the picatinny rail of other firearms via an extra attachment that is included. Once mounted, you calibrate the device with the companion mobile app. When calibrated, the device is then able to gather thousands of data points for each pull of the trigger. Those data points are then translated in real-time through the mobile app to provide you with feedback on each and every shot you take.

    The X10 Elite does not use a laser of any kind. It simply gathers data based on the movement and momentum of the firearm with each pull of the trigger. Then, the mobile app tells you how you can correct any issues that you may be causing through the extra movement of the weapon system.

    Live and Dry-Fire Training With the Mantis X10 Elite.

    Jarrad Mantis X10 Elite

    In order to fully test the device, I had it in house for one full month. This gave me ample time to test the device and mobile application for the product. It also afforded me the opportunity to use it a number of times for dry-fire training practice, and several times for live-fire training. I also used the device on a multitude of platforms ranging from the Glock 19 handgun, all the way to a custom built rifle in the AR platform.

    Here’s how I think it stacked up in both dry and live fire training.

    Dry-Fire Training.

    Dry-Fire Training is where the Mantix X10 Elite truly shines in my opinion. Using a snap cap, I was able to log dozens of hours of dry-fire training with the device. Normally, my dry-fire training regimen consists of primarily doing sight acquisition drills, holstering and un-holstering the weapon, and magazine reload drills. With the Mantis X10 however, I’m able to get meaningful dry-fire training that actually improves my shooting when it’s time to go live.

    Using the mobile app and Mantis X10, I was able to get real training out of combining all of the drills above. Now, instead of feeling if the shot would have been good or bad just through intuition alone, I can get real-time feedback to tell me if the shot actually would have been. It may not seem like much, but having a device tell you “Pushing with Firing Hand,” actually has a drastic improvement on the quality of training I am getting on my own time.

    Normally, your dry fire training comes with almost no feedback. You’re doing this training in the absence of ammunition, and in the absence of a skilled firearms instructor. With the X10 Elite however, your dry-fire training is almost as good as live fire training, and you’re getting meaningful feedback to help yourself improve trigger pull after trigger pull.

    Live-Fire Training.

    I’ve already stated that dry-fire training is where the Mantix X10 Elite truly shines. That said, there’s something to be said about the usefulness of this tool during live-fire training as well. When used properly in conjunction with live-fire training, you’ll get instant feedback that translates directly to your shot groups on the target.

    While this isn’t a direct replacement for training with a qualified instructor, it is a tool that you can bring with you to the range to improve the quality of training you get out of each trip, and each round. Also, after a day at the range you can use this tool to reflect on your training. Essentially, you can use the Mantis X10 Elite as a shot journal, and it will log every single shot you take throughout the day.

    On top of this, the app comes with a wide variety of training drills that you can incorporate into your shooting. These drills include primary and support hand training drills, as well as reload drills, cadence drills, and hostage taker drills.

    Final Thoughts on the Mantis X10 Elite.

    Mantis X10 Elite Range Rifle

    At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own training. The amount of time you spend working your firearm will directly translate to how easily and proficiently you are able to use your firearm should the need ever arise. While the Mantis X10 Elite isn’t a straight substitute for training under a subject matter expert, is is a great tool to add into your toolbox of firearms training equipment.

    When used properly, and often, the Mantis X10 can and will help you reach the next level in shooting, regardless of what your objectives are. It can is also a great tool to use when you are unable to conduct live-fire training, or when you do not have direct access to training courses in your immediate area.

    That’s just the opinion of one shooter though. Let us know down in the comments if you have any experience with the Mantis line of products. Did you find their toolsets useful and helpful to you in your every day training routine? We want to hear from you down below.

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