Full30 Dev Blog 2: November 2019 – App and Feature Design!

first published on December 3, 2019 by


November was an incredible month for the development staff here at Full30. In total, our team spent 612.09 hours behind the scenes crushing bugs, rolling out new features, and developing future products that will enhance the overall user experience on our platform. Let’s roll into Dev Blog 2, our update for November 2019.

In this update, we’ll be giving you a quick look into some of the features we have been building. You’ll also see some solid status updates on long awaited features that we are very close to completing. While we’ve learned from our mistakes in the past on committing to deadlines, we are confident enough at this time to say that some of these features are very close to release.

As we draw nearer to the publication of our mobile app, keep an eye on our forums and social media pages. Soon, we will be drawing beta testers from these locations to help us ensure that our app is fully functioning at release. Let’s get into Dev Blog 2.

Dev Blog 2

Build Team Full30 Dev Blog 2 – November 2019.

Our development team spent 412.84 hours focused on finishing design aspects of the mobile app and browser. Also, we have started to expand functionality on our 3.0 back-end systems. Improvements were also made to video sorting algorithms for trending and our ad delivery system. We have also started working on changes to improve security with enhanced authentication capabilities.

What does this mean for you as a user? It’s simple really. In the short-term, you won’t be seeing any direct changes to the web-page outside of how the algorithms deliver content to you. In the long-term however, you can expect us to be picking up a pool of beta volunteers to help us test our mobile application. We need beta testers because a large variety of mobile devices means it is almost impossible for us to test everything on our own.

Hopefully soon you will be able to help us build out one of the most anticipated features of Full30!

Maintenance Team Full30 Dev Blog 2 – November 2019.

Our maintenance team spent 199.25 hours across three core projects: An infrastructure migration that should enable our videos to process at even faster timelines with less cost, a new system for our monthly giveaway which is a service provided to our advertising clients, and various improvements and bug fixes across the platform.

For the average user this has little to no impact on your daily viewing of videos on Full30 aside from a few less bugs you might encounter while browsing the large catalog of videos from numerous creators on Full30. For our creators however, it means less time spent waiting for videos to process in the back-end, and for our advertisers it means increased functionality that better enables us to assist you in meeting your objectives with advertising through Full30.

Development Staff’s Saved Rounds.

We still have a ton of work to accomplish on Full30 before we are ready to say we are a completed project. In fact, we may never actually reach a point where we stop and say we no longer have to improve our systems. That said, we want everyone to know that we are working behind the scenes full-tilt to bring the firearms community a platform that is safe from big-tech censorship.

Stay tuned to our social media presence and forums, as the end of the year should bring tangible benefits from all our hard work! (No seriously, we’ll be looking for mobile app beta testers soon. Keep an eye out if you’re interested.)