Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our Dev Blog again. We know that, generally speaking, this section of the blog is only viewed by our most dedicated users and creators. There isn’t a ton of sexy gun porn here. We get it. We much prefer the gun porn sections of Full30 to our nerdy ramblings about a refurb. Never the less, this is an integral part of our strategy to remain more transparent with the user-base, and keep you all in the loop with what’s happening on the platform’s front and back-ends.

In July, it officially became public knowledge that Full30 is completely under new ownership, and management. We at the tech team would like to welcome Jeff Kirkham and Jarrad Markel to the team personally in this blog post. We’re excited to have them on board, and to see what they can bring to the table. They both have well over a decade of experience in the firearms industry, with Jarrad personally growing up fully immersed by it. This time in the industry brings knowledge that money can never buy, and we’re truly excited to have them here.

We’re also excited to have Jarrad on board, because that now means we have a creator helping us make the right decisions. If you’re out of the loop on that, Jarrad Markel is the son of Paul Markel. Paul Markel is the head honcho at Student of the Gun. Student of the Gun is one of the very first content creators to adopt our platform, and to come on board. We’re excited to see things through the lens of someone who uses our platform everyday. We believe this will help us make the best decisions possible moving forward.

Now, let’s get onto the juicy nerdy stuff you guys love.

Platform Refurb and the Future of Full30.

Full30 Platform Refurb

If you read our Development blog for June, then you already know that the platform is about to receive a full overhaul. Why are we doing this? The answer is simple. Full30 was built in 2015. Since then, technology has advanced pretty far. There is a lot of code in the back-end that is completely irrelevant in today’s world. Doing this overhaul will allow us to develop faster, bring out more features more frequently, and also allow us to be more dynamic in future builds of the platform itself.

At the end of June, we had completed roughly 300 man-hours into the first sprint of finishing this refurb. At the end of July, we are now up to almost 700 man-hours. While these hours, as of right now, don’t directly impact your day-to-day experience on Full30, we are confident that they soon will. Throughout July, we were able to start the alpha builds of both the desktop and mobile site front-ends. As of right now, we have 80% of Full30 fully rebuilt, and ready to be put into an Alpha state.

What The Refurb Means To You.

We know that at the time of this writing, that doesn’t sound super sexy to you. You can’t see what we’re working on, because we haven’t sent anything live. Things happening in a private test-environment are rarely exciting, we get that. It’s hard to quantify or qualify the work we are doing on the back-end until we have sent things live. We’ll be there, and we’re hoping soon. Honestly, we’re hoping soon because we can’t wait to show you some of the API interfaces we have built that is going to step Full30 into the future, and make it a much more modular and dynamic system for both our users and creators.

Also, ignore the cat video in the picture above. That’s just a place holder that allows us to work a bit faster. We promise we’re not going to turn all of 1911 Syndicate’s videos into cat memes… at least… not yet.

Mobile App Launched into Closed Beta for IOS – Android Nearing Public Release.

As many of you know, the mobile app launched into Closed beta for Android in June of 2020. In July, we were finally able to surpass all of the hurdles Apple puts in the way and launch to IOS for closed beta as well. If you’re interested in joining us for the Closed Beta process on either platform, please use the two links below to navigate to the appropriate form. Once approved, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download the closed beta for each app. If you discover any bugs, please report them up so we can get them squashed.


Bug fixes and feature implementations are currently happening every single Monday with the mobile app. Until we release the full release, and are pushing patches to each platform’s respective mobile application store, please ensure you are manually updating your apps to receive the updates.

With the mobile apps nearing completion, Raph, our mobile app developer has been able to dedicate more of his time towards the full platform refurb. With his input there, we are able to simultaneously get more front-end design work finished, as well as ensure we are keeping the new platform inside of the coloring lines already created with our mobile app’s infrastructure. There will be a formal announcement made when the applications are launched to the general public.

We appreciate your help with the beta testing process, and your patience through these early bugs.

Saved Rounds!

That’s it for the Development Team for July. We’re diligently working, and all hands are on deck towards completing our platform refurb. Once the refurb is complete, we’ll have a long list of exciting feature updates coming out. For now though, we’re going to go tie ourselves back down to our desks and get back to coding. We’ll check back in at the beginning of September to let you know how August went. Hopefully, we’ll be out of this COVID-19 nonsense sometime around then, but we’ll see.

Happy shooting everyone, and we’ll see you out there.

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