Do Gun Control Proponents Even Know What “Common Sense” Means?

first published on November 4, 2015 by



tot3p4xThe anti-gun left continues to scream about the need for more, new “common sense” gun control measures.  They throw the deaths of children and my fallen brothers and sisters in law enforcement into the mix every chance they get, and use the memories of those lost folks to fire up the emotions of their anti-gun supporters.

The only problem is that there is absolutely nothing “common sense” about making new laws when you consistently fail to enforce the laws already on the books.

On May 20th of this year, an Omaha police officer, Detective Kerrie Orozco, was shot and killed by a felon who was in illegal possession of a gun.  The law already legally prohibited him from buying or possessing a gun.  The suspect, thankfully, was shot and killed during the incident so Detective Orozco’s family, both blood and blue, do not have to endure a long trial and everything that would accompany it.


The dead felon in that instance did not steal his gun, or buy it off the street.  His girlfriend committed a federal felony and acted as a straw buyer to purchase the gun for him.  This was discovered, and she was arrested for the crime she committed.

However, what happened after that is not only a total miscarriage of justice, but is a prime example of the intentional lack of enforcing the current gun control laws on the books.  This woman knowingly committed a felony, put a gun in the hands of a felon, who killed a woman who was not only a good cop, but from all accounts, was also a wonderful mother and human being.


So, what punishment does this felon get for her role in the death of this officer, for violating the federal gun laws?  She got hammered (sarcasm) with 1 year probation, 180 days of house arrest, and a whopping 40 hours of community service…

“’This sentence serves as a reminder to all law enforcement that we need to remain vigilant in curtailing the illegal trafficking of firearms in order to protect the safety of innocent civilians,’ said ATF Special Agent in Charge Carl Walker.”

Really, you guys have the gall to lecture street cops on the importance of the laws that are designed to keep guns out of the hands of felons?  I’ll tell you what “this sentence” reminds me of, 1) that the US DOJ is dropping the ball, consistently, when if comes to prosecuting existing gun laws, and 2) that lying politicians and gun control proponents will do and say whatever they can to get the emotional and low information voters to back them.

Someone please tell me what is “common sense” about this?  Tell me how we need more gun control laws when the feds won’t even do crap about violations of existing laws that lead the murder of an innocent person?

How about you ignorant, insincere, lying anti-gun politicians shut the hell up about needing more laws and worry about enforcing the current ones!  Come back and talk to us after you make that happen.