Night Fision Glow Dome Illuminates SHOT Show 2020

first published on January 22, 2020 by


SHOT Show 2020 has seen the official release of the Night Fision Glow Dome Sights. At first glance, these appear to be some of the brightest tritium night sights we have ever seen, and at second glance, they might be exactly that. We’re really pumped about these handgun sights, and can’t wait to tell you about them.

But hol’ up a minute Full30. What the heck is a Glow Dome sight? Great question. We’re going to shine some light on it for you here in this article. Keep reading.

What is the Night Fision Glow Dome.

Night Fision Glow Dome Aligned

If you’re familiar with Night Fision, you know already that they make some of the brightest night sights in the industry. Glow Dome technology takes that standard to the next level. It does this by incorporating an optically engineered dome, glow in the dark polymer ring, and 30% more tritium. Combined, all of this gives you a handgun sight that is more visible both at night, and in broad daylight.

Night Fision is calling it the Glow Dome, and it’s currently available for sale at this link. If you’re currently in the market for handgun sights this is a safe bet. But, If you’re a careful shopper and want to see a review first, we’ll have our complete review out in the coming weeks.

Here’s a list of our top 5 handgun sights in the event you need handgun sights now and can’t wait until we get the full review out. Also, here’s a stellar article called “The Gospel of Good Handgun Sights” by Professor Paul Markel.

Style and Model Fit for the Glow Dome Sights.

Currently, the Night Fision Glow Dome sights are available in the following styles.

  • Suppressor Height
  • Square Rear
  • U Rear
  • Accur8
  • They are also available for the following handgun brands.

  • Glock
  • CZ
  • S&W
  • Sig Sauer
  • Walther
  • Our Hopes for the Night Fision Glow Dome Sights.

    Night Fision Glow Dome Dark

    I’m going to shoot you straight. Night Fision is one of my all-time favorite handgun sight manufacturers. There are other companies out there that I like, but Night Fision is what I normally put on all of my Glock handguns. My Glocks are generally my every day carry firearm as well. That makes Night Fision the handgun sight I have the most time behind.

    When it comes to this brand, I generally don’t need to hope for things, I simply expect them because of past performance. I expect that the Night Fision Glow Dome sights will be both fast and easy to acquire. I expect that the sights will also be durable enough to stand up to repeated abuse. These two things have been a constant from their company through all of their sights that I have used and owned.

    That said, time will be the true tester. I have acquired a set of Night Fision Glow Dome sights while at SHOT Show, and will be slapping them on my latest Glock 19 build next week. You can expect a full review from us on these sights as soon as we return to home plate back in good old Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Final Thoughts.

    Night Fision Glow Dome Thubmnail

    Night Fision had an impressive showing at their SHOT Show booth in 2020. We even saw a little taste of some things to come in the near future from them that we aren’t allowed to talk about just yet. We can and will say this though, if you are a fan of EDC and EDC gadgets, you need to head over to their Instagram and Facebook pages to give them a follow ASAP so you don’t miss out on what they have coming next.

    As far as handgun sights go, we were thoroughly impressed by the Glow Dome technology, and can’t wait to get these new sights on our latest Glock 19 build. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we get some solid time behind the sights. Let us know down in the comments what your personal go-to handgun sights are.