Hol’ up. You’re looking for a new gun rack? So were we when we discovered Hold Up Displays. We needed a product that would hold a good number of firearms and gear for our office space. We also needed something that looked really cool. Hold Up Displays is the company we decided to go with.

Like anything we buy, we’re going to give you guys our full review. So here it is, our no non-sense review of Hold Up Displays products that we got our hands on. Please hold all questions until the end.

Who is Hold Up Displays?

Gun Rack Hold Up Displays Staff

First and foremost, Hold Up Displays is an all American company out of Wisconsin. Family owned and operated, they stand by a commitment to provide quality products to our Nation’s sportsmen. Being sportsmen themselves, they know what people are looking for and strive to put out the best imaginable gun racks and archery displays in the industry.

If you are searching for a quality made in America product line, search no further. Hold Up Displays is ready to build whatever you need.

Types of Gun Rack They Offer.

Gun Rack Full Display

In the Gun Rack space, Hold Up Displays has over 21 different SKUs available. These range from from single-piece shelf items to display a single firearm, all the way to full-size hanging racks that can fit a variety of rifles and equipment. They also offer a variety of products to keep the firearms locked in place, and a variety of wall hangers that will hold individual rifles up.

A majority of these products are made with heavy duty extruded aluminum, and not plastic. This prevents the products from sagging in the long-term, and gives each item a long lasting life-span. The quality of each item speaks for itself. If you don’t believe us, scroll up a bit and take a look at the image.

Types of Archery Racks They Offer.

Archery Rack Tree Stand

When it comes to archery racks, Hold Up Displays has another 21 SKUs available. These products range from single hangers for someone with one bow, to complete hanging systems that will hold a variety of different archery products. There are even some camera stand products available for the up-and-coming outdoors content creators looking to make their way onto Full30 full-time.

If you are an individual that’s in the archery world, there are some products here that you should seriously consider purchasing.

Warranty and Return Policy.

When you’re looking for these items, you can get a feel for the quality of the products based on the company’s warranty and return policy. If the company doesn’t offer this section somewhere clearly stated on their web page, that’s a huge red flag. Hold Up Displays has a pretty great warranty policy. We’ll give you the abbreviated version below, but if you want to check out the full thing here’s a link that goes directly to the warranty portal.

As long as you are the original buyer of the item, the item hasn’t been modified or used in a manner outside of its intended purpose, and you installed it properly, Hold Up Displays will accept your return. From there, they inspect and repair the item, and return it to you in working order.

What We Think of Hold Up Displays and Their Gun Rack Products.

Display with Gear

We managed to acquire one of the Hold Up Displays gun wall bundles about four weeks ago. Hanging the rack was a two person job, but once the rack was up on the wall we were set. We have three AR style rifles, and three Kalashnikov style rifles in the rack. We also have currently have six training Glock 17s hanging in place at the moment, and a full size plate carrier complete with plates.

The quality of the product is immediately apparent when you receive it. The high quality heavy duty extruded aluminum makes a world of difference. When compared to some other products in this space, you can tell that this one was made with care. Hold Up Displays makes each and every product, and the American craftsmanship shows.

So far, we have zero sagging with the rack, and it has been bumped into on accident a number of times. We have experienced zero issues with the rack, and it is working as intended. We’ll update this post if we have any issues in the future, but for right now everything seems to be working as advertised.

Final Thoughts on Hold Up Displays.

Gun Rack Pistol Display

If you’re looking for a gun rack, or an archery display, stop here. Hold Up Displays is worth checking out in our opinion. Regardless if you’re like us, and were just looking for a set piece to spice up your office, or if you’re a gun collector looking to finish of a complete gun room. You will find something that you can use on their webpage, and we are vouching for the quality of their products.

That’s just our opinion though. We are always interested in hearing from our readers down in the comments section. If you had a different experience with Hold Up Displays and their gun rack systems, please let us know. As a community we can come together and provide each other with the best advice imaginable. We appreciate you taking the time to read our review.

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