Hickok45 $500 vs $2000 gun (Quality vs Value)

first published on November 20, 2018 by


This recent video highlights 3 beautiful six shooters, but also a very common theme within the firearms world: quality vs value of different guns with similar designs.  The example of SAA revolvers is really a perfect one for such a discussion.  For all intents and purposes, beyond Cowboy Action matches, the trusty old Peacemaker design is more or less a novelty gun or collectors item.  Certainly, it is still a useful design, and could be pressed into use as a hunting revolver, and is regularly. 

As seen in the video though, these are two highly refined pieces of craftsmanship and a less expensive version that although is identical in function, lacks the refinements of the two more expensive guns.  We all know by now that when it comes to quality, you get what you pay for.  I think its important to point out that, for many shooters, a $500 gun isn’t “cheap” necessarily, and for someone looking for a wheel gun to take to the range casually or get started into Cowboy Action, a less expensive option just makes sense.  If you have the cheddar for something with some extra sauce, and appreciate a higher level of quality, then by all means, treat yo self!

The wonderful thing about any kind of firearm over the years is that quality never goes out of style.  Trends and designs come and go, but there will always be a profound appreciation for high quality craftsmanship.  There is a certain level at which a gun is more than just a gun, and is more accurately a piece of functional artwork.  Hickok45 demonstrates the differences wonderfully in this video.  Sticking with the artwork theme, different artists produce different art.  This is evident between the two high dollar revolvers featured.  Both are undoubtably very valuable and high quality guns, but each have their subtle differences that set themselves apart from one another.  Slightly different case hardening, the fitment of the internal parts, the richness of the bluing,  all appeal to different people for different reasons. 

Of course this applies to all types of guns, not just classic revolvers, and the debate of “is it worth it” will always be at the forefront of discussions surrounding valuable guns. There are countless examples of guns with unquestionable quality and value, and even more that are purely a matter of opinion.  We would love to hear your idea of what makes for a valuable or quality firearm, and share your reasons!