Full30 Platform Refurbishment Report [December – 2020]

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First and foremost, if you’re reading this, you’re one of our core users. You’ve probably already noticed the complete visual rebuild of our webpage. Some of you probably even helped us through the pre-release phase of the current version of Full30. For you, we have nothing but eternal gratitude. We know a platform refurbishment is difficult to sit through. A lot of bugs crop up, and they can be seriously inconvenient. You, our core users and creators, have been with us through it all.

Today, we’re releasing an official progress report on the platform refurb. Since our re-launch, over 2,100 man hours have been put into Full30 by our developers and other staff members. While not all of these hours have been directly related to technology development, the other core tasks taken on by our sales, community management, and staff management teams have been critical to the success of Full30 throughout this period of change.

Let’s dig into what’s been happening on the back-end. We’re going to explain why we did the refurb, and then explain what our development team has crushed since the re-launch. Towards the end of this post, we’re going to talk about some our development team’s plans for the near future.

Refurbishment 1

Why Did We Rebuild Full30 From the Ground Up?

Back in July and August of this year, we announced our new ownership. At that time, we also brought on a full-time development staff, dedicated to Full30. One of the largest challenges of the Full30 Platform at that time was the antiquated technological infrastructure the platform was originally built with. The limitations of that technology made it not only difficult to develop in, but it also made it incredibly tasking for our developers to maintain the platform in working-order.

As a result, the decision was made for us to take two steps back before we started walking forward again. From scratch, our development team built an entirely new platform for Full30’s users and creators. This new platform was built with the latest technological infrastructure that exists today. Now that it’s complete, our development team has a lot of freedom of movement not only in maintenance, but also in future development.

On October 30th, after a month of pre-release beta testing, we launched the refurbished and rebuilt platform. Like most technology launches however, it wasn’t a completely bug free system. Due to the minor number of bugs we were running into, we decided to not release a development blog in November. Instead, we chose to re-focus our development time and buckle in to get the platform to a more stable state. While we’re still squashing bugs every day, we believe we’ve reached that point.

Progress through Refurbishment.

Refurbishment was an incredible undertaking by our team. It can’t be stated enough just how much our platform was in need of an upgrade. If you’ve been using our site at all over the past month, then you’ve probably noticed the changes that have been rolling out on a weekly basis. As bugs pop up, our development team is quick to squash them. The speed of these repairs is facilitated by the refurbishment itself which allows our developers to rapidly address issues as soon as they enter our database.

We are still working to iron out bugs while building new features, and we will be for the lifetime of the platform. Even large companies like Alphabet are still ironing out bugs in their systems, and we expect to be doing so for the duration as well. If you encounter a bug, please fill out the bug-report form at this link. Once you have filed your bug-report, a notification is sent to our development team, and they review your ticket and begin the process of fixing the issue you encountered.

Here’s a complete list of patch-notes. These will continuously be released. To keep up to date, you can periodically check this link.

Complete Refurbishment Patch Notes List.

December 3rd, 2020

  • Fixed ad playing for extra time on pre roll.
  • Fixed video auto-playing on studio.
  • User settings functions fixed.
  • Moved channel selection on upload to top for quicker access.
  • Now able to change newsletter settings.
  • Added Upload button inside producer studio.
  • Embed player has been fixed to poster style.
  • Fixed disabled comments being checked by default on uploaded videos.
  • Fixed studio page visibility.
  • Added more mobility to producer studio.
  • Added fade transitions to some components to smooth out loading.
  • November 19, 2020

  • Added hot fix to player not playing on load occasionally.
  • Added unmute button to mute mode.
  • Fixed thumbnail and channel images failing.
  • Fix mobile player control due to incompatibility.
  • Added fix for embeds not working and rendering properly.
  • Add full-screen functionality.
  • Show muted icon in corner when video is fully muted.
  • November 13, 2020

  • Added hotfix for embed video not loading properly.
  • Hotfix to player to adjust to web browser media auto-play policies. (should fix weird player issues on mobile)
  • Added volume slider to player.
  • Added publish badges to videos on channel page.
  • Social links to channel page and settings added.
  • Tweaked page styling across site.
  • Fixed home page not sending you back to the top when selecting different feeds.
  • Fixed video spotlight showing a video while hero existed.
  • Added better progress handling to uploader.
  • Fixed user page loading all activities.
  • Fixed channel page not showing subscription status properly.
  • Added this sick-ass patch notes page.
  • November 10, 2020

  • Fixed video uploader silently failing on large videos.
  • Added better error handling to uploader to give more insight as to where a problem may lie.
  • Fixed user page not loading.
  • Added timestamps to player.
  • Fixed channel page not showing videos in the correct order.
  • November 6, 2020

  • Fixed latest videos not showing the the most recently created videos.
  • Added thumbnail uploading to videos.
  • Mobile optimizations across the site added.
  • Added redirect support for ‘/channels/{slug}
  • Fixed banner and icon uploading for channels.
  • Added more visual queue on uploader to wait for upload to finish.
  • Fixed publish date showing incorrectly on videos.
  • Fixed thumbnails sometimes showing incorrectly on video items.
  • Uploader Stabilized.
  • Stabilized video player.
  • Stabilized producer studio.
  • What’s Next for Full30 Post Refurbishment?

    Refurbishment Thumbnail

    What’s next for Full30? That’s a great question. The refurbishment of our platform has given our team new life and purpose. The handcuffs are no longer on. Our team is able to develop at a much faster rate with this new technology. On top of this, they are able to easily build new systems to better support our creators, and give our users new systems to engage with their favorite creators in a meaningful way.

    As it stands right now, we are currently building out a system that will allow users to directly support their favorite creators monetarily through both tipping and channel membership. While we can’t say an exact date for the launch of this system yet, we are currently beta testing the systems on the back-end. In the future, we also have plans to allow our creators to upload premium content that only their channel members can see. This will allow our creators with paid training programs and DVD’s to host their content directly on the Full30 platform where the users can directly engage with the creators on a 1:1 basis through our comments system.

    Let us know down in the comments what kind of features you would like to see on Full30 in the future. While we are building this platform, it is important for everyone who is a part of it to know that you are all members of our team. Without you all, there is no reason for Full30 to exist. We’ll see you guys next month with our next development blog.