Full30 Dev Blog 1: October 2019 – Bug Fixes and Features

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Shooters, welcome to Full30 Dev Blog 1. In October of 2019, our development staff grew substantially, and spent a total of 811 hours working behind the scenes on the Full30 video platform and web page to bring you some much needed updates and bug fixes. Inside of this update, you can find everything that our team completed in October. You’ll also get a snapshot into some upcoming features we are excited to share with you all.

We realize that communication has been lacking in the past. Our aim is to resolve that issue by releasing a Dev Blog on the first day of each month. With this, both users and creators will get a better look at the scope of the massive project we have undertaken. Keep in mind that everything on Full30 has been self-funded, and self-created to keep big tech and investors who do not share our vision from interfering with our community and platform. We have taken no shortcuts, and as a result will never have to face the music because someone’s feelings got hurt.

We stand committed to creating a platform where creators and users in the firearms industry can connect without the fear of “Big Brother” shutting off the lights. The First Amendment exists for a reason. The Second Amendment is there in case the First fails to work. Here at Full30 we believe everyone has the right to talk about firearms. Regardless if it makes someone uncomfortable or not.

Build Team Full30 Dev Blog 1 – October 2019.

Full30 Dev Blog 1 Development

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes with the development of Full30. My name is Hayden and I am the director of engineering at Full30. My team and I have been working hard to overhaul the user experience with Full30. Our objective is to make Full30 more robust, reliable, and a pleasure to use on any platform the user wants.

This month, the team has been working on giving the site a renovation on both desktop and mobile. Our motivation behind this is to set up the technology in a manner that will improve our ability to update and patch the platform. This includes moving our front and back-end systems over to state of the art frameworks that allow the engineers to add more advanced features. What this means for you as a user is that the site will load faster, and have some cool new features that we’re excited to add.

As part of the efforts to renovate the site, the development team has also been working on updating our back-end systems. This will help contribute to a general site speed increase as well as lay the foundation for more advanced features outside of the users direct interaction. Finding content that suits the needs of the user is one of our primary objectives. With this update, our algorithms for “Hot”, “Trending”, “Latest” and the users personal “Feed” are being updated to bring proper content to the user. Renovating this system has also allowed the development team to start work on the much anticipated mobile app for Full30.

Below, you can find a complete list of our current tasks.

Build Team Projects.

Maintenance Team Full30 Dev Blog 1 – October 2019.

Full30 Dev Blog 1 Maintenance

Mark, head of Maintenance and development here! October was a month of steady progress on the Full30 platform, most notably with the launch of our own custom giveaway software and an affiliated push toward giving away tourniquets to law enforcement professionals.

We also squashed quite a few bugs that were outstanding in the platform and identified by our user-base. Also, we made substantial increases to our search capabilities throughout the month. This is an on-going maintenance endeavor, and will continue to improve over time. On top of this, we also created several custom e-mail templates for our advertisers.

Most importantly, we did a ton of work on enabling the platform to bring on board additional creators, with a new automatic review process. If you want a channel, sign up now. Full30 is officially an open platform, and anyone who wants to create legitimate content can now sign up. Follow the link at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in becoming a content creator on our platform.

Maintenance Team Projects.


Development Staff’s Saved Rounds.

Full30 Dev Blog 1 October 2019

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will Full30 be finished overnight. That said, we are working around the clock to ensure that this platform becomes what the users want, and what our creators need. October has been the first month in the history of Full30 that we have been able to expand to a complete working development and marketing staff. We also now have a full-time blogger as well, he may or may not have been the person to clean this post up for us.

One of the larger milestones that we hit this month was opening the platform to all legitimate content creators. We now have the infrastructure in place that will allow any person with a camera, some guns, and opinions, to begin uploading on our platform. If you would like to register your channel, all you have to do is navigate to this link, create your channel, and then contact us via the forums, Instagram, or Facebook. Once you have established contact with our Social Media or Forums team, they’ll get your channel activated and you’ll be on your way.

We want to thank everyone for their patience with us through all of the growing pains. We appreciate and value your time. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a direct message on any of our Social Media platforms, or reach out to us on the forums. Here’s to another month of coding for freedom!

Oh hey, one last thing. Take a peak at this guy’s phone. You might see something you’ve been looking for.

Full30 Dev Blog 1 Mobile App