Creator of the Month Spotlight: Suppressed Nation

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Suppressed Nation QA

This seemed like an appropriate month to recognize one of our creators who is consistently and constantly dealing with the ATF. While Suppressed Nation isn’t directly dealing with them because of brace issues, they are dealing with them due to the primary nature of their content. If you’re into channels like VSO Gun Channel, or NFA Review Channel, then here is a small firearms content channel that you do not want to miss.

For the month of October, we have decided to feature Chris Brooks and his brother Joey from Suppressed Nation as our Firearms Content Creators of the month. We had the opportunity to get some sit-down time from Chris about his channel, and his thoughts on the Full30 platform. If you’re unfamiliar with this creator, you won’t be at the end of this. We really hope you enjoy reading about Suppressed Nation, and even head over to check out their channel on Full30 later.

Here’s a quick teaser on their content.

Creator Spotlight: Suppressed Nation.

Suppressed Nation is a fairly small and niche channel. The group lives in the NFA world, and their primary content focus is on metering and reviewing suppressors and testing suppressor accessories and host firearms. Chris and his brother Joey go out of their way to ensure that their viewer, who they view as someone about to make a suppressor purchase, is 100% confident in how they are spending their money. They do this by delivering the information that they themselves look for when purchasing a can.

On top of this, another fun thing that Suppressed Nation does is taking family and friends out to the range. In a lot of their content, you’ll see brand new shooters using suppressors. The reactions from these videos are some of the best content that they produce. If that’s the type of content you think you would enjoy, you can find them on Full30 at this link.

The Suppressed Nation Method.

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An important thing to consider when you’re looking at any NFA specific creator is their process. How are they metering the products? What do they do to test them? And, most importantly, where do they get the products? Suppressed Nation has given us a bit of insight on their process, and I’m going to share a direct quote from Chris here. If you’re curious about their content production process, here’s how it all happens.

We have teamed up with the Hansohn Brothers, and with that they have allowed us access to many different suppressors. They also made a huge investment in us and for the suppressor community by purchasing a B&K Pulse metering system for our videos. With that we can get the best metering results possible.

Allen Arms Tactical has also graciously partnered with us. They help us get as many suppressors in our hands as possible! They are veteran owned and America’s oldest and longest running silencer distributor.

Without these two companies, we would have a much harder time with our content creation process.

To us, these things matter probably the most. When you get a review from someone, transparency is always key. It’s also incredibly helpful that you receive QA or test products from a neutral source. Getting products from a manufacturer for your videos can sometimes lend you, the reviewer, towards giving the manufacturer a positive review. That’s not something you need to worry about when it comes to Suppressed Nation.

Q and A with Suppressed Nation.

Before publishing this article, I was fortunate enough to have the time to ask Chris some questions about his channel. During that time, I was able to pick his brain on not only his channel, but also his views on the Full30 platform, and where he hopes to see it go. With this, I was also able to get some insight into where he see’s his channel going in the future.

How long have you been creating content, and why did you start making videos?

My brother (Joey) and I started making videos at the very end of 2017. Mainly, we focus on metering suppressors as well as suppressor accessories and suppressor host. We try to make our videos short and loaded with information to help buyers feel confident in their upcoming purchase. It’s important to us that we try to put out the info that we ourselves look for when trying to select our next can! When we succeed in doing that, it helps our viewers make better purchasing decisions for themselves.

We also enjoy bringing family and friends out on the range. Whether it’s for metering or just for our own ears enjoyment, we love recording people’s reactions to shooting suppressed! There’s nothing else like seeing someone shoot suppressed for the first time.

Where do you see Suppressed Nation in Five Years?

I’ll leave that in the Lords hands and be thankful for today. If we are allowed to continue making videos, we are hoping to get the range I put in at the house fully functional. The primary objective is for it to be used in metering and all types of shooting. Having a permanent location where we can shoot without having to try and reserve a day or trying to record in between other people shooting will allow us a lot more time to make quality, unrushed videos.

We would also love to continue to grow and highlight more companies that may not be as mainstream as some of the top brands. It’s always awesome to stumble on that small company that makes a quality product.

Being able to get our kids more involved is always something we hope for too. As they get older, they have their own wants and to-dos, but we hope the power of the Pew draws them to the range on more occasions when we are taping!

Why do you use Full30, and how has it helped you improve your content production process?

Full30 gives us a freedom to create gun related content that we don’t have to cut short. We can include all of the details, without worrying about someone stomping on us. It’s a community of common-minds, that from my experience, has been very open and helpful. We are thankful for a place that loves shooting and the freedoms America has to offer without being censored by people with opposing views. We don’t have to worry about getting strikes for providing information that’s useful to the gun community. The forum also allows us to talk with those who create and watch to see what people are wanting to see.

What Features and Upgrades Would You Like to See on Full30, and How Would You Rate Your Experience Here?

Joey and I would really like to see User Generated Content open up soon. Opening the platform to the general populace, we think, will open the flood gates for the platform and allow for explosive growth. Currently, there is a manual verification process that sometimes takes too long. This wards off some potential creators, and we think it’s one of the most important features for the platform.

Also, seeing the mobile app released past beta into the IOS and Android app stores would be a big step forward for us. Detailed stats, and a message manager like YouTube already has would also be a very welcome addition to the platform. I would also love to see a featured creator spotlight on the homepage would also be huge. Especially for smaller creators who might struggle to get front and center on the larger platforms. It would also be great to see a more stream-lined algorithm set up to engage the users, with some auto-play type features at the conclusion of the video that are sorely lacking now.

Overall with the upgrades that have been happening, such as the addition of 1080p video streaming, Full30 keeps getting better and better. The mobile app beta is incredibly promising, and the forums add an additional layer to the platform that other places simply don’t have. I hope Full30 continues to grow, and we can grow with it! It’s good to have those in charge of the platform now getting plugged in with the creators, and actually hearing us.

What is Your Current EDC Firearm, and Why Should We Go Buy One?

My EDC is the S&W Shield 9mm. It’s compact, and fits in my hand great. It’s also very reliable, easy to carry, and has a plethora of aftermarket accessories available.

Where to Find Suppressed Nation Online.

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If Suppressed Nation sounds like the kind of channel you’d be interested in, make sure you give them a follow on all their social media platforms. You can find them on Full30 and YouTube by clicking the platform name. On Instagram, they’re here. On Facebook, they’re here. Special shoutout to Chris here. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and answer some questions. I’d also like to respond to some of your feature upgrade points by directing people to our most recent development blog post about our 3.0 prerelease launch here.