[Review] Mission 57 From BattlBox – November 2019

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If you’re a long-term Battlbox subscriber, you know that Christmas comes once a month. Mission 57 is no exception to this, with a couple of these items actually being perfect stocking stuffers for the loved ones in your life.

You heard that right, Battbox did a bit of your Christmas shopping for you this month. We hope you’re ready, because here’s our complete review of November’s Mission 57 from Battlbox.

Why We Think Battlbox is Worth It Each Month.

BattlBox Mission 57

If you’re big into value, than this may be the thing you’re looking for. Each month Battlbox sends out one of their monthly missions, you find yourself eagerly looking at your mailbox waiting for it to arrive. Depending on which level you subscribe at, you’ll spend between $29.99 and $149.99. With that, you’ll generally get a return of about $50 to $350 in value back each month from the company’s subscription service.

They achieve this by purchasing items in bulk for their subscribers, and then sending out the curated boxes. For me personally, that curation is one of the primary reasons why I subscribe. The crew there is a group of experienced outdoors-men and preparedness professionals. Each month, they test and vet every product before they let the item into the box. This curation gets me a ton of great items at a really good price, and minimizes the amount of time I need to spend searching for items to fill niches in my gear.

Even more, sometimes the crew at Battlbox fills niches in my pack that I didn’t even know I needed or wanted. Through Battlbox, I’ve picked up quite a few bush-craft skills that I never would have even known about had they not mailed me a cool new piece of gear.

What’s in the Mission 57 Box?

Mission 57 is an outstanding box. Let’s get that straight first. At a glance, the box has some repeat items from previous iterations and missions. That doesn’t mean this box is slouching though. In fact, if you have the Pro Plus – KOTM Club edition, you’re getting almost $350.00 in total value for the items included, which is honestly kind of insane.

This box is full to the brim with items that are perfect for shooting and camping enthusiasts, and the items are just in time for hunting season. Let’s dig into the specifics at each tier. Understand that at as the tiers go up, the items from all lower tiers are included with your upgraded box.

Basic BattlBox.

Battlbox Basic

At the basic level, you’re spending $29.99 plus shipping and handling each month. In Mission 57, you get twelve items total. Two reactive target systems that are full of little blood packets to help you with your shot placement. Four innovative orange tent screws to help you secure your tent. Two fire-starting kits that are perfect for building the ultimate camp fire. And last, but certainly not least, you’ll get a four pack of telescoping roasters to use once you’ve built that perfect camp fire.

Everything included with the basic box comes to a total value of around $55 USD. It’s a complete set-up for a great weekend out in the woods with the kids. Our favorite item at this level is the target systems that are perfect for getting the kids out with their .22 rifles to teach them some basic marksmanship skills.

Contents Value: $54.92

  • Triumph Systems Reactive Targets x2 – $11.99
  • Orange Screw Ground Anchor Set x4 – $21.95
  • 4-Pack Telescoping Hot Dog/Marshmallow Roaster – $9.99
  • Pull/Start/Fire Starters x2 – $10.99
  • Advanced BattlBox.

    Mission 57 Advanced

    At the advanced level in Mission 57, we’re only adding one item. A machete. The Defcon 5 Tango Machete system comes with it’s own carrying sheath in a red box. Our initial testing did prove the tool to be sharp straight out of the box. We’re not too sure about the handle on this thing yet, as it has a hole that seems to be for placing your index finger through, but further testing will be done in the future. We’ll get back to you on if we like that or not.

    All in all, the Defcon 5 seems like a solid machete, and we were pleased with it. It’ll be a great addition to the camp tools box, and if it’s not something that you personally need it will also make for a great Christmas present to a friend.

    Contents Value: $104.87

  • All Previous Items Listed – $54.92
  • Defcon 5 Tango Machete – $49.95
  • Pro BattlBox.

    Mission 57 Pro Box

    The Pro Edition of Mission 57 comes with something I was personally extremely excited about. The extra item included at this level is also the reason your Battlbox is a little extra heavy this month. The Hellfire Rocket Stove is a compact rocket stove that you can build out at the camp site. Personally, this is my favorite item in the box and is being added into the build-out of my upcoming overland vehicle.

    Since it folds up, and comes with it’s own carrying case, it’s absolutely perfect for this purpose. It’ll slide right under the passenger seat of my truck, and take up very little space in the vehicle. We’ll do an individual review on this product in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

    Contents Value: $194.86

  • All Previous Items Listed – $104.87
  • Hellfire Rocket Stove – $89.99
  • Pro Plus KotM Club BattlBox.

    Battlbox Mission 57 KOTM

    This level is cream of the crop as far as Battlbox goes and it gets you into their Knife of the Month Club. In Mission 57, Battlbox has managed to get us an extremely nice set of knives. The Santoku and Paring knives included are from Deadfish Co, and let me tell you these things are sharp. On top of being sharp, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

    These things are laser etched with olive wood handles. If you’re someone who is in the kitchen a lot, then these things are absolutely an amazing addition to your knife collection. For me personally, I couldn’t boil water for Ramen noodles if my life depended on it. These things instantly went to the wrapping paper and are being prepared as a gift for the cook in my life.

    Contents Value: $344.84

  • All Previous Items Listed – $194.86
  • Deadfish Co. Knife Set – Laser Etched Santoku and Paring Knife – $149.98
  • Best Items in this Battlbox

    Hands down, the coolest item in this box is the Hellfire Rocket Stove. For me personally, I’m in the process of building out my truck for some overland adventures in Spring/Summer 2020. This stove is going to be a killer addition to my truck’s kitchen setup, and I’m looking forward to using it as much as possible. (Or rather, having someone else use it, because I can’t cook at all.)

    The Deadfish Co. Knife Set is also another item that I’m extremely excited about. I’m not excited about it because I intend to use the heck out of them, but I am excited to give them to a specific person who I can’t name because they’re also a reader. These knives are perfect for every day kitchen use, and I honestly can’t wait to eat something that has been prepared by these gorgeous knives.

    Final thoughts on Mission 57.

    Mission 57 was an outstanding box to receive in November. It was full of awesome items that are very high quality, and quite a few items that I’ll be able to re-gift out to friends for Christmas. This box is almost like the crew at Battlbox knew that some of us were terrible at Christmas shopping, so they did some of the leg work for us. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better box this month.

    As always with our reviews however, that’s just our opinion. Let us know down in the comments section what you think of the November Mission. Did it have stuff that you thought was useful, either for yourself or as Christmas gifts to friends. Or, was it lacking in key items that you were hoping to get. What do you want to see in their next box?