Obama Wins Election 2008, Irony Ensues

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It was November 4, 2008, election night, and I was at work as usual.  All in all, it was a pretty quiet night for a Tuesday in the large metropolitan city in which I patrol.  For some reasons, Tuesdays have always been the busiest day of my work week, I’ve never understood why, but this one was pretty quiet in comparison.  My coworkers and I chalked that up to the fact that it was election night.

Right around 8pm Pacific, the election results for the office of president were announced.  Barack Obama had just been elected President of the United States.

At about 8:04pm, one of my beat partners was driving down a fairly busy street when he heard several gunshots ring out.  They began checking the area while several other free units and I all started their way.  As we drove that direction, several calls from citizens began coming in reporting 3-6 shots being fired.

One of the callers lived in a moderately sized, normally very quiet apartment complex said she thought the shots came from directly outside her apartment.  She reported hearing some arguing, someone saying “you’re making me crazy” and then hearing four shots in rapid succession.  She heard what she thought was a door open and close, and then it was silent.

Most of us had never been into this complex.  That is how quiet it normally is.  We arrived and parked our cars.  There was no apartment map anywhere to be found, and as I routinely find, the people who number the apartments when a complex is first built either have spatial orientation difficulties, counting difficulties, or just a really cruel sense of humor.  We slowly began walking the complex attempting to find the area near the caller’s apartment.

As we walked the complex, several tenants who were out walking around said they had heard the shots and pointed us in the general direction.  We eventually snaked our way through the complex to the general area where the caller thought the shots came from.  All of the apartments were quiet and there were no signs of any sort of disturbance.  No bullet holes were located in any of the apartment walls or windows, and no blood was found anywhere.  Although we found no signs of anything or anyone being shot, we did locate two spent .380 ACP shell casings on the ground.

There were four apartment doors in the general vicinity of the shell casings, so rather than start knocking on all of them, we telephoned our caller that had provided the most specific information.  She told us that she thought the shots she heard came from directly below her apartment but outside, and she thought the door she heard was from the apartment directly below hers.

We set up on that apartment as best we could due to the layout of the complex, and gently knocked on the door so as not to arouse concern of the occupants.  Two older folks answered the door, a male and a female, and they looked like a couple of hippies who were forever living the late 1960’s.  They were both in their mid 60’s and were dressed in their hippie attire, which for the male was a tie dyed t-shirt with sweat pants and a bathrobe over it all.  The female had a frilly, lacey loose fitting long sleeve shirt on and was also wearing sweat pants.

Figuring we had the wrong apartment, we asked if they had heard any gunshots in the last 20 minutes or so, to which the female replied something akin to “I told you not to do that!”

Upon hearing that, we quickly detained the male without problems and began investigating the shooting.  He did not have the gun on him, but the wife directed us to it, and it was still loaded.  We asked the female what they had been fighting about prior to the shooting, to which she gave us a puzzled look.  She said they were not fighting about anything.  She said they had been sitting down watching the election results on television and when the new president was announced her husband got up, grabbed his gun, went outside and fired off several rounds even though she was yelling at him not to before he fired it.

We spoke to the husband and he related the same story to us.  He told us that he had stepped out onto their front porch, pointed his gun into the flowerbed, and fired off four rounds to celebrate the election of Obama as president.  He said he did it in a safe manner and he did not understand what the problem was.  We tried explaining the close proximity of all of the apartments, no safe backstop, that it was illegal to discharge a gun within the city.  None of it seemed to sink in.

While he sat handcuffed in the back seat of a patrol car, we collected his gun to be booked as evidence, along with the spent shell casings.  He was cited for the misdemeanor negligent discharge of his gun and was given a court date.  After all was said and done, I asked him if he realized that he was celebrating the election of a president who had a long history of being staunchly anti-gun by recklessly firing his handgun.

He failed to see the irony, but it was not lost on my coworkers and me.

Seems some folks can’t be bothered to research who they are voting for.


Nearly eight years later, eight years of the president pushing for more gun control, here we are again during another presidential election cycle, and once again the Democrat party has narrowed their choice down to yet another anti-gun leftist politician, this latest one making the previous one look like an NRA Life Member…

I wonder how many Democrats we will arrest for recklessly discharging a gun if Hillary wins?