Lawlessness Reigns!

first published on July 5, 2016 by

Call me naïve, call me principled, call me idealistic, call me whatever you like, but when I sit there and watch the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation lay out their investigation, their discovery of thousands of violations of federal laws regarding the safe handling of classified email, including a large number of “Top Secret” emails, and he continues by discussing the very likelihood that the reckless manner in which the email server, and the emails themselves were handled, likely lead to hacks from “hostile” governments and sources, I expect that to result in a law enforcement agency recommending charges when they hand over the case to the prosecuting attorney.

Instead, what I saw was FBI Director James “Dirty” Comey stand there on national TV, list all the violations committed by Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State, list all the protocol violation, all the ways in which she personally and recklessly put our ENTIRE COUNTRY at risk, and then he said that he is NOT recommending charges be filed.

To further compound this incredulous result, he followed that statement by saying if someone else in the State Department had done what she did, that they would be facing charges right now.

Seriously?!?!?!  What in the *&@$?!?!?!

In stating that he was not recommending charges be filed on Hillary, he was careful to note that while she did all this horrible crap that put all of our lives at risk, he saw no evidence that she intended to violate the law.

Uh, someone correct me if I am wrong here, but since when if ignorance of the law a valid excuse / defense for violating it?  Last I checked, it is not!

“I’m sorry officer, I did not know the speed limit” – Not a valid excuse

“I’m sorry officer, I did not realize I could not make a left turn there.” – Not a valid excuse

“I’m sorry FBI Director Comey, I did not realize that despite all the laws, the policies and the common sense security concerns, that I could not run my own, unsecured email server in an apartment bathroom, which handled thousands and thousands of “Confidential” and “Top Secret” State Department emails, thus putting my entire country at risk.” – Per FBI Director Comey, THIS IS a valid excuse

Well, I suppose that now the FBI has given us this guidance for filing criminal cases, maybe I need to rethink some things in my personal life.

I guess at this point, we can all just carry concealed wherever we want, so long as we don’t intend to violate any laws that we may or may not know about…

I guess at this point, I can own as many “assault weapons” or “high capacity” magazines as I like, in California, so long as I don’t intend to break any laws that I’m totally unaware of…

I guess at this point, I can convert any guns that I have to full-auto, SBR’s with suppressors so long as it is not my intent to violate any laws that I have no idea exist…

This unprecedented level of corruption is ABSOLUTELY UNACCPETABLE!

Comey NEEDS to be fired!  Based on the violations Comey laid out on national television, Hillary Clinton MUST be charged for her multiple violations of the law!

I am sooo unbelievably pissed right now, I am having a very hard time containing myself.